In the kitchen space, glass splashbacks are a practical option. These can keep your walls protected from splashes and spills at the time of cooking. coloured glass splashbacks are functional as well as decorative. Where kitchen decoration is concerned, nothing can be better than these types of panels. These types of splashbacks have become quite a popular option for kitchen and bathroom decoration. The best aspect of these types of splashbacks is the fact that these are decorative and add to the beautification of the appearance of the entire kitchen space. However, with a lack of enough knowledge, it is possible to encounter issues when you try to choose these splashbacks.


Here Are Some Tips to Choose the Best Coloured Glass Splashbacks For Your Kitchen Area.


#1. Opt for The Ones You Like: You need to have a favorite color in consideration that you would like to use in order to get a colored glass splashback. It would make it easier for you to make a choice, given that you will not need to look from an extensive range of colors. At the very outset, it would be better to have a color of your choice in consideration for the coloured glass splashbacks to use in your kitchen area. It will make it easier for you to pick a color.


#2. Go for Neutral Shades: It is a good idea to pick neutral shades, not only because these shades can make your kitchen space appear neutral but also due to the fact that you can get a soft balance of complementing colors. This is frequently the best step ahead in case you are not planning a long-term stay in your house. When you choose coloured glass splashbacks for the kitchen space, ensure that you only opt for neutral colors.


#3. Pick A Good Tone: You have to strive for natural progression. The cabinets that you choose might direct you naturally to a few colors over others. For instance, if you choose a dark gloss grey colored finish, you would not like to layer grey over grey. Rather, it is likelier for you to pick a coloured glass splashbacks tone of lighter or contrasting tone. In case if your kitchen is all-white color, such a décor might direct you to inject bright colors.


#4. Take A Decision: You have to take a final decision on the color of glass that you want, before the date of fitting the glass. Delaying a decision on the same would only force you to postpone the completion of your kitchen.


#5. Consider Real Glass Samples: It is essential for you to request actual glass samples rather than depending on a color chart. You have to consider taking such samples to your house and afterward, compare the tones. You should, most importantly, look at the glass at different times during the day and under varied lighting conditions.


#6. Check Whether It Is Water-Resistant: Coloured glass splashbacks that are resistant to water stand as practical options for all types of homes. You may play with various colors, such as:

  • Violet
  • Green
  • Red
  • Neon with pastels
  • Bold colors with dull shades

With the times changing, the splashback concept has come out to be more versatile, thinner and more durable. With glass, it is important to choose a glass of sustainable thickness level in order to get the kind of light that you desire.


There are many options and sources that you can purchase coloured glass splashbacks from. You can buy splashbacks from any of the online supplier/dealer websites or even brick and mortar shops after checking official brochures to pick the design that best suits your needs and tastes.