Choosing a playschool for your toddler is as important a decision as when you are planning to change your child’s pediatrician or maybe your job. In all these situations, you are likely to spend a lot of energy and time in making the right decision. You would seek the advice of your relatives and friends, go on interviews ask around, etc.

Because there are so many choices you have at hand, and you want your child to experience the best days at the playschool, it’s imperative that you do adequate research. While looking over local magazines, listening to word-of mouth suggestions, researching the internet with keywords like “best play school” are good ways to create a list of options, you should also consider asking caregivers at a daycare for advice.

The next step if to narrow down your options based on factors like distance form your home, cost, brand name, etc. After having reduce the list even more, begin asking questions such as:

  • Is the school accredited? Ideally, it should be. Being accredited would mean the school follows a set of rules and regulations to ensure the best for the children. Parents would known exactly what t expect from the school.
  • The teacher to student ratio. The lesser number of children per teacher, the better the school is for your child. A well known brand is not a guarantee of the quality time and attention your child will get at the preschool, but the teacher student ratio is. Avoid those where the number of children per teacher is more than 10.
  • The staff attrition rate is also an important indicator of how good the environment is for your child. In an good preschool the teachers are more likely to be happy, eventually transferring good vibes to children as well.
  • You should also inquire about the school’s philosophy on teaching and educating toddlers. The principle they subscribe to may be hybrid or traditional, but it’s important that the school has a planned approach to educating it’s students.

With these questions answered, you’ll have an even shorter list to look at. Next, you need to visit the directors of the schools that have qualified your criteria, in person. You also need to observe the teachers in the school to see how they behave with children. After all, they’ll be the ones your child will be interacting to the most.

Once through, bring along your child in the next visit to see how she/ he gets along with others in the school. Also note how interested teachers are to connect with your child. Your child’s reaction is an important factor to consider when choosing a preschool. Once you’re satisfied with the schools, take your pick and get going with the enrollment formalities. You’ve done the best research you could.

How did you go about choosing a best preschool in India for your child? Share your thoughts and experiences with me in the comments below.