When it comes to transporting children, it is necessary to take the questions of safety with all possible seriousness. Remember that correctly fitted and properly adjusted child restraints will provide reliable protection for your little family members. Almost all car makes are suitable for adjusting a child seat whether these cars belong to a luxury segment like Mercedes or Chrysler, or middle class sedans as well as off-roads. Safety on the roads is the most important thing, especially when it goes about the safety of your children. That is why you should follow particular steps to adjust a child seat properly.

How To Choose The Right Child Seats

First of all, use the back seat to install child safety restraints because it is much safer than the front passenger seat. Install the child seat in the centre position of your car’s back seat.

Secondly, there are different child seats depending on the age of a child. Remember that these restraints must match the size, age and weight of your kid. Your child must feel comfortable in this seat that is why it is preferable to follow the instructions of the Child Restraint Evaluation Program (CREP) which has identified four categories of seats you need. They are:

0 – 6 months

0 – 12 months

1 – 4 years

4+ years

Once you have chosen the right seat, it is necessary to adjust it properly. It is necessary to read and follow all the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when installing child restraints.

When installing a child restraint you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly or turn to a restraint fitting station (on condition you have one in the neighborhood) – their operators have been specially trained to help you with infant and child restraints in a wide variety of cars.

Make sure the harness shoulder straps are positioned correctly. It is important to adjust firmly the harness. A loose harness won’t work well in a crash and can lead to other serious problems. Avoid any twists in the harness because it might cause your child some pain and your ride will turn into a nightmare.

There are rear facing and forward facing car seats and you should take into account the differences in installing them. Shoulder straps in forward-facing restraints, for instance, can be located up to 25mm below the child’s shoulders. It is desirable to use the minimum number of tether extension straps if you do not want your kid resemble a mummy. Some cars are easier to install and adjust child seat in like assortment of Mercedes-Benz E-class, others, like large SUVs are pretty difficult to do it due to the fact that they rise high above the ground.

Do not play with fire neglecting all the rules in installing the child seat. Safety of your children must be above all. Also pay attention to the comfort of a child seat. Your child must feel comfortable and relaxed during the ride, otherwise, you will distract your attention from the road which can lead to different accidents.