Cleaning any kind of rug or carpet is no longer a tougher job for you. Here you can check out the cleaning tips which are about getting a long-lasting, clean and durable carpet.


There are several and a large number of techniques that you can pursue while cleaning your carpet.


So, let us all check out the effective solutions which can give you a crisp and clean looking carpet. Whenever you find out that your carpets and rugs are losing their real shine and glow, then you need to right away follow these cleaning techniques.


Cleaning Your Carpet by Using A Carpet Brush


The simple and basic rule of Carpet Cleaning job, is to use a carpet brush in order to thoroughly and effectively clean your rug or floor covering. With the help of a carpet brush, you can easily remove all grime, soil, dust, and also pollutants present on your carpet.


Moreover, once you are done with the carpet brushing job, then you can run and move a vacuum on the carpet.


By running a vacuum, all extra and additional dirt and pollutants will be removed from your rug. Make sure to follow this tip every week. Though it is a hard task to do, still it gives much plus points to your carpet. Brushing your carpets and rugs retain their actual look.


Lastly, this cleaning technique lets your carpet remain stain-free, spot-free as well as odor-free.


Cleaning Your Rug or Carpet with Vinegar


In addition, you can clean your room rugs with vinegar. This is how you can make your floor coverings and carpets look and smell at their best. You need to have a few of the items to perform this cleaning job. Have vinegar, scrub brush and bucket.


Making a vinegar solution is going to remove and take off all stubborn and unpleasant stains from your carpet. Only scrub this solution onto your carpet and let it soak like this for a specific amount of time.


Once it gets dry completely, you will see that no spots or smelly odors are going to be visible on your carpet. Thus, do make this solution containing vinegar in it and make your rugs and floor coverings completely odor-free and spot-free.

Make Your Carpet Stain-Free by Using Baking Soda


There is another miracle ingredient that you can use to make your carpets long-lasting. You can do that by using baking soda.


This is an inexpensive solution which you can go for! Most importantly, baking soda is an environmentally friendly product. It has the potential to tackle and fight back with all tough stains. To follow this method, what you can do is to sprinkle a little amount of baking soda right on the carpet. You can use a spray bottle and make a solution of baking soda by using hot water.


Just let this specific mixture sit and remain there on your rug or carpet for at least three hours. Hence, after this duration, all stains and odors will be absorbed by this baking soda ingredient.


Vacuum Your Rugs and Carpets


By vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis, you can easily bring that real glow and clean onto your carpets. You can invest in some commercial carpet cleaning machines too.


Use this carpet cleaning machine on those carpets which are heavily used by you in your home. It is proved that stubborn dirt and tough grease are only removed by vacuum cleaners.


This solution is quick to do and gives a positive result-driven performance. Simply turn on the cleaning machine and give A to Z cleaning job to your room carpets.


It is advised to run a vacuum cleaner both on the front and backside of your carpet. And also run it in horizontal and vertical directions.




What other carpet cleaning tips you can think of? We have shared and put up some of the basic and easy to follow tips with you. How do you take care of your rugs and carpets? Share that with us.


And if more guides and tutorials on cleaning rugs and carpets will come, then we will share those guides too.