One of the greatest decisions that we all need to make while decorating or renovating a home is selecting and combining different colors and shades. For some people this is a real challenge it is very hard to do because they are not really aware of which colors go together and which not. But there are people who make this as a project and enjoy doing it. If you are not sure what colors to put on the wall do not hesitate to call or contact It is not easy to combine colors and play with them.

The color is not the element itself, and it is undoubtedly related to the details, like the desire to capture a particular style and atmosphere, a sense in space, which is connected with the personal nature of the owners, brightness, size and location of the space. Although colors can be changed constantly illuminated and darkened if a problem occurs, so make sure you are very careful when it comes to choosing the colors and shades in consultation with the architect or designer, in order to avoid future problems and financial burdens. Lack of finances is what you will experience if you keep changing the colors in your home. That is why in order to avoid that unpleasant situation make sure you think about it carefully and decide what colors will suit the walls in the rooms of your home. For successfully combining the colors, it is necessary to introduce every color of the spectrum with its advantages and disadvantages, in order to create a range that would capture the desired harmonious ambience and fluidity in space.

The first and most important step for the project is to define four categories of colors which are: primary colors (yellow, red and blue), secondary colors (green, orange and purple), analogous colors (those that lie next to each other in the circle color (eg. green and yellow or red and purple)) and complementary colors (those ranked in contrasting colors (eg. green and red or yellow and violet).

Everything depends on personal taste and preferences, as well as the particular space you need to paint and change. If the place is small make sure to choose bright colors to make it look bigger. But if you have a huge home you are allowed to make experiments with more than one color because you have enough space to see what is best for it. For inspiration, in addition to showing interiors in different combinations that create a harmonious balance and is in harmony with one another and, depending on their color and tonality, creating different moods in the room. It is pretty clear that you do not want negative energy in the house so avoid installing black colors. It is a dark color that doesn’t look good. Maybe in a combination with other colors but black all by itself no.