Indian weddings are great and extravagant. It is a large affair that includes equally large and extended Indian family. There are so many functions and rituals in typical Indian marriage. It is not just about taking an oath with your loved one, it is all about enjoying the memorable event of your life. The Indian wedding is not a single day affair. It can last for a whole week. There are pre-wedding ceremonies like engagement, Mehendi, sangeet, Haldi, etc. Then there is the main wedding, reception, and other post-wedding ceremonies. It is called the Big Fat Indian Wedding for some reasons of course.

The Indian wedding style has changed with time. Earlier the wedding was used to happen in your own home with local decorators. Then came the community halls and marriage halls. Next, came the banquets and curated marriage parties.

The latest trend is the wedding in a resort. Although it was an option for the affluent class in the past, Millennials now want to enjoy their wedding to the fullest. Hence, middle class and upper-middle-class families are also opting for wedding ceremonies in the resort. These weddings are like a reasonable version of the destination wedding. But finding the ideal resort is not easy. There are so many factors that needed to be kept in mind before choosing the resort for your marriage. Many resorts in NCR region offer wedding venues and arrangements.

 These resorts usually allow the guests to stay during the wedding. Usually, resort arrange for the wedding planners and other things. You can also opt for a reservation for only the wedding day. The resorts offer a lot of open spaces and add glamour to the wedding. Here are a few tips that will help you to choose the best resort within your budget.

  • Choose your style

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to choose the resort as per your style and choice.  If you want a chic wedding or a classic wedding then you need to choose a venue as per the style. For classic weddings, you can book a resort in Gurgaon which has a classic atmosphere. You can choose a palace themed resort or a classic ambiance resort for this. If you want a contemporary wedding then go for lakeside resorts or resorts with swimming pools and other attractions.

  • Pick the resort as per season

If you are getting married in summer or winter try to choose a place with a garden and lots of open space. Airy spaces will make your guests comfortable. But for rainy season choose a resort with a banquet hall. Because you will not be able to enjoy the wedding in the rain.

  • Determine your guests

You need to determine the guests and the number of guests that you are going to invite, as you need a bigger place for more guests.

  • Choose a place that is easily connected to the main city

Often resorts are located outside the city premises. Choose a resort that is easily connected to the main city, so that you can easily travel to the city in an emergency.

Besides these points always ask clarifying questions before choosing any place. It will be better if you shortlist some places and then choose the perfect resort for your wedding.