Many homeowners experience the constant worries of having depressed and cracked driveway. Without proper maintenance and installation process, it is more likely for the driveway to get depressed and cracked. The most common ways to maintaining the condition of the asphalt driveway is by filling up any cracked surface. In this case, we should be able to use fast-drying, high-quality DIY filler compound. Regardless of process and tool we use, it is important for us to ensure proper maintenances. However, it is more important to have well-built driveway, because it will require much less maintenance over the lifetime. When signs of wear and tear have appeared, it is a good idea to address them immediately.

We should clean the asphalt and concrete driveway on a regular basis. If we don’t immediately fill the depressions and cracks, they could worse over time. By sealing cracks, we should be able to restore the original looks of our driveway. It means that we need to have superior performance, fast drying blacktop filler. The type of maintenance for the asphalt driveway could depend on a number of factors. We should also consider the vehicle traffic level, weather conditions, type of finish and the construction process. Renewing and resealing the driveway must e performed properly. After 8 years or more, we may need to reseal the driveway every two years or so. The driveway must be properly cleaned, so we get excellent adhesion.

We should do this during the dry season, because the driveway should be completely dry for one whole day, so the proper level of curing can be achieved. There are blacktop fillers that are designed specifically for asphalt. It means that we shouldn’t use concrete filling for asphalt driveway or the other way around. When choosing for fillers, it is important to choose a formula that’s easy to use. Fast-drying formula should have much shorter curing time. If the weather tends to be wetter, we should choose formulas that can cure in just a few hours. We don’t need to buy fillers every time we want to re-seal the driveway. It means that that we should keep the filler at the storage area, that’s cool and not exposed to direct sunlight and extreme cold weather.

When repairing asphalt driveway, loose and unnecessary chunks of asphalt should be removed from the potholes or edges of the driveway. They will cause further cracks in the future and we may get unwanted results. The area can be cleaned up if we brush up the dust. Before starting the filing process, we need to make sure that the area is immaculately clean. The area should be washed and left to dry for 24 hours. After the pothole is deep, we can fill it with small chunks of loose asphalt or concrete; depending on the type of our driveway. We can fill the pothole until ¾ of the hole. Use a block of wood to make these bits more solid at the bottom of the hole. After compacting the hole, we could apply the filler until it reaches the surface.