We should really consider one common cliché that today is the first of our life. It actually means that we could start our lives anew every day if we have the motivation to do so. At any point of our lives, we can start to make big changes that affect the rest of our lives. If we have financial problems, we could make a decision that it’s the time to take a stand and quickly take back our lives. Our life is meant to be wonderful. We could also decide that we need to be prosperous, creative and happy. Making a huge change in our life is actually very easy, just like flipping a switch.

Obviously, we won’t directly get a lot of money or get rich instantly. But we could flip the switch to make big decisions, such as the decision to be rich and happy. This isn’t a simple matter, because any troubled and distressed people actually let themselves to mentally succumb inside old limiting beliefs. By flipping the switch, we could start to think up ways to eliminate debts. In this case, we should stop worrying about the debt itself and we should focus on the solutions to remove debts. If we focus on debt as a burden, it will become a reality. By switching the “debt” switch off, we have a strong conviction that the problem will eventually be solved. We are no longer be concerned about debt problems, because we know our debt problems are immediately solved. We must not worry about how it is solved, we need to be convinced that it’s already solved.

By flipping the switch, we should start to believe that prosperity is definitely our birthright and we should start to take actions to do things that we love for a living. Our conviction will guide us to take actions that can bring us to prosperity. It is true that when we decide to flip the switch, we may still don’t have an idea on how to solve our debt problems, but an optimistic mind is one of the most powerful forces in the world. We will open up avenues and things that we never think possible. Believing is actually the key to receiving much more.

For many people, especially who are consistently trapped in money problems, this concept can be considered as illogical or downright crazy. However, once our mind is fully convinced that we are prosperous, it is impossible that we will stay financially troubled. With an optimistic mind, we will be eager and motivated to look for solutions that others can’t find easily, because they don’t believe that they are exist. Flipping the switch to decide that we are prosperous is one thing, but changing our mind is another. In fact, it could take months to exercise our mind and convince it to take the new concept. Our mind is like muscles, we should expose it regularly with positive and optimistic outlooks on wealth, so it will accept them as truth.