With the plethora of free digital channels available and technology that practically gallops, offering one advancement after another to make our lives easier and more comfortable, one would expect to have a crystal-clear image when watching TV and be free to enjoy his leisure in front of the TV with no issues whatsoever. That would be ideal, if we were living in an ideal world. Truth is, we are not. Television signal problems do exist and you may also experience image pixilation as well. It might be a sign that your rooftop digital TV aerials might need replacing or some upgrading works. Or, maybe you are dealing with a problem caused by the TV aerial that feeds either all of your TV sets or just one, in your block of flats or home. Perhaps, you are having a connection problem that results in your poor viewing.

Regardless of the reason you are missing a great viewing experience, you have to have these digital aerials fixed, to stop receiving nothing but freezing pictures. But, a DIY attempt is not recommended though as it can become dangerous if you are not experienced and an expert on rectifying a faulty TV aerial. It is best to leave the remedial work to the ones that have been properly trained for it, because you could end up doing more harm than good, or putting yourself at risk of an injury.

Instead, seek for the help of a professional digital TV aerial installation company or a TV aerial repair company, and find certified and CRB checked digital TV installers and fully accredited technicians that can assist you with all your digital aerial-related and Freeview issues. This is the only way you can make sure all work carried out to solve the problems you are facing with your digital aerial is of the highest standards.

Other than that, you can also find out whether you are affected by planned engineering works and routine works being carried out around your area and surrounding transmitters. Sometimes, maintenance of terrestrial TV services may cause some disruption on viewers. To see if your poor reception is the outcome of such works, you can go to your Region’s Planned Engineering Works; and, if you are not sure about which region you belong, there is a coverage checker you can find on www.digitaluk.co.uk that you may find useful.

If you are not affected by any maintenance or engineering works and you are still experiencing poor digital TV reception, you should best address your local aerial installer and have them fix the problem in a professional manner. In the London area, Aerial Services Ltd is a leading aerial installation company, running since 1968 and an expert on satellite installation and TV aerial problem-solving.

Author’s Bio:

Jennifer is a specialist in digital TV aerials and an expert in satellite installations. If there is any kind of problem in regards digital aerials, she occupies a team of highly-skilled professionals that repair and upgrade all sorts of outdoor and indoor aerials quickly and efficiently.