It’s obvious that size matters and the bigger the advertising materials, the more noticeable they will be. Also bigger advertising materials allow us to include more information. In this case, we need to take a look at our competitors and check our budget. It is a good idea to buy the largest advertising space we can afford to make it more noticeable.

We will be able to include more must-have contents, such as company information, product details, prices and call to action messages. We should also monitor our marketing campaign to know what kind promotions can return the best results. We should make it a point to ask all customers about things they hear about our business.

The truth is, advertising is location driven and we need to do specific things to reach broader audience. However, we should be aware that it will be more difficult to target our customers if our audience is too broad.

Although it is not impossible to reach broader audience, this type of marketing approach may require higher expenditure. It will require appropriate tools to get the words out. Regardless of the size of our advertisings, we should carefully choose the content, design, publication frequency, size, section and title.

These are crucial factors of our advertising.This could also mean that we need to test our advertising first and be flexible. We could also publish several variations and find which one that can produce the best results. We should also use evergreen content and relating our products to today’s news will make them irrelevant in a matter of days.

Frequency is also a solution to make our advertising more noticeable and higher frequency can build credibility and recognition. However, we should be aware that the competition in the advertising sector can be quite fierce and in the same newspaper, there could be more than a few competitors that offer the same products or services.

It is a good idea to consult local marketing experts so they can help our advertising more noticeable. Professional advertising agencies should be able to design and place advertising for us. We shouldn’t leave the design decisions to the newspaper’s own designers, because they likely use generic templates that may make advertising much less noticeable.

Newspaper is usually distributed on a daily basis, so we should try to target a specific segment in the neighbourhood or town.

For example, we could add inventive coupons in newspaper so we can drive initial sales. We should also find out what newspapers our target market nearly read. It is also a good idea to know things that will prompt them to buy.

We should be honest to ourselves and if we are not particularly interested in our own ads, then it is likely that our customers would feel the same way. We should be selective and critical with ourselves. As an example, instead of using newspaper, we may consider use other printed publications with higher quality papers, such as magazines.