If you have been unemployed for some time, you will be aware that it is not necessarily easy to secure employment. Competition for jobs is rather fierce, and employers have high expectations when it comes to hiring. This means that everyone who is looking for a job must put their best foot forward and convince the employer that they are the one for the job. But putting yourself above all other candidates is not easy. In fact, it is something that many job seekers struggle with.

There are now plenty of online resources to find suitable jobs. The web has opened up many new job opportunities, and you can find yourself some suitable job vacancies in Melaka through online resources.

Steps to a Better CV

How do you communicate your qualifications to a potential employer? The fact remains that even in the 21st century, the CV is still the preferred method of demonstrating your experience and skill set to an employer. The problem is that many job seekers either don’t place enough emphasis on their job application, or simply do not understand the best way to format it so that it is appealing. In the spirit of improving one’s CV, here are some general tips:

  • Length: Many job seekers make the mistake of handing prospective employers a CV that is far too long. It may look impressive, but how much time do you think an employer has to read through it all in detail? If that employer has a thousand CVs to look through, they simply don’t have time to read every single detail. No CV should be longer than four pages at the most, and many employers prefer one that is no longer than two pages.
  • Summarise: To cut down the length of your CV, summarise the major points on the front page. List your skills, your career achievements, your education, and relevant experience.
  • Relevancy: If you are applying for a job as a retail worker, there is little point in listing education or jobs that are irrelevant. Don’t present your potential employer with every job that you have ever done unless they particularly relevant. Likewise, don’t list skills that simply don’t fit the job you are going for. Make your CV relevant to the job you are applying for and tailor it to each sector of employment you are seeking.
  • Format: Plenty of job seekers make the mistake of embellishing their CVs with unnecessary fonts, colours, and decorations. The focus of your CV should always be the information that the prospective employer needs to gauge your suitability for the job. Use a clear and readable font, clear headings, plenty of spacing, and minimal colour and decoration.

The Interview

If you manage to secure an interview, always ensure that you walk in with an air of self-confidence, even if you have to steel yourself to do so. It may be an intimidating prospect, but always meet the eyes of your interviewer or interviewers and provide a firm handshake. Don’t cross your arms in a defensive position, always remain open, and consider each question they ask carefully. Even if they ask a question that you are not entirely sure of, simply asking them for further clarification will show them that you are serious about the job and doing your best.