There is one hot dress that is making headlines in Hollywood’s Red Carpet. Body con dress or simply the body-conscious dress. This dress is made to hug every single body curve you have. It is primarily designed to show off proudly the shape you have. However, every lady does not have confidence to try this outfit.

Most ladies believe that they have right body shape which fit with this trending style. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Before you try this style out, visit a fashion store such as and pick right under-garment that can aid in smoothing out all your curves. It is important to note that some prints of this dress can make your body have an hour-glass shape. Below are number of ways on how to make this trending Body Conscious dress work well for you:

1. Stay Neutral

This dress is available in several shades. If you want to change daytime mode of this dress to evening, than go for darker or neutral color, which is perfect for almost all evening occasions. Another advantage if this dress is that helps you in saving your time. You will not have to spend additional time to look for right handbag, shoes and other accessories that can complement or match your look precisely because it is an outfit which can match with all accessories.

2. Go for the Thicker Fabrics

The a cloth made from thick fabric does not sound pleasing, but well-structured piece can create outline over your hips and skim all the way down your waist, without making extra bulges. So, that you can look glamorous.

3. Minimize The Use of Accessories

This dress is a show-stopper in its own way. Therefore, cut down on accessories. Focus on the pieces of jewelry that are meant to complement and skip heavy ones. When you keep your shoes and accessories neutral, people will naturally tend to focus more on your look.

4. Add a Layer if you get too Self-conscious

If your dress makes you too self-conscious than you can add a layer on the top. You can add a loose-fitting cardigan or an over-sized jacket to balance your look. It is also a very simple way to keep yourself warm, particularly during most unpredictable seasons of the year, for instance, winter and spring. To make your look office-friendly and polished, you can use a tailored blazer.

5. Cinch the Waist

It is not a must to be size zero if you want to try this dress. It only takes a small trick to appear slimmer in this adventurous dress. Just find a body conscious dress which has either black or navy-panel sides. This is enough to create an impression of smaller waist.

6. Highlight Your Best Physical Feature

When you wear a body-conscious dress, it does not have to show all your body. Depending on the dress style that you pick and the cut of your garment, it can easily be used to highlight your best physical feature.

7. Explore the Dark Side

If you feel shy stepping out in this daring body conscious dress, this is not the type to be shy about. Stylists point out that this dress is downright sexy. It is effortless chic-hue that will always remain trending. When you wear all black, it creates a long and lean vertical line, which results in a slim figure.