Nowadays, network security solutions are increasingly being implemented by companies, small and large, in the midst of the growing number of Internet threats. During this digital era, almost all companies are linked to the Internet at least to the certain extent, therefore are exposed to the threats that simply didn’t exist even some years before. Nevertheless, many entrepreneurs or administrators are naive both of the full selection of cyber-threats, as well as of the various ways wherein these threats might be countered. This is especially the case in the category of computer network security.

How To Make Your Network Security More Effective

If your organization’s computer system network is attached to the Internet, it has a real requirement for reliable and effective network security solutions to counter the huge growth in computer viruses, spyware, inappropriate material, Trojans, and “phishing” e-mail that have burgeoned recently. Data security is an important area for every business that uses the Internet, and particularly those who rely on the ecommerce. There are some main areas of network security services to think about, as follows:

  • Firewall configuration evaluation to check that the guidelines currently followed by the firewall, along with the type of firewall employed, are suitable to the given situation
  • Comprehensive audit of computer systems and devices (such as firewalls and routers), and also their location on the web network. It includes a rigorous review of DMZ (De-Militarized Zone), that is standing before your organization’s core network.
  • Network vulnerability evaluation, to be able to check previously-addressed vulnerabilities to make sure that they are still covered by valuable countermeasures.
  • Penetration testing, to probe the defenses positively for new vulnerabilities. This type of evaluation should be approached with care, because it has the potential to disrupt administrative systems or cause a short denial of service.

The above functions may either be provided by an in-house team (when it comes to larger organizations )or else may be outsourced to a specialist information security companies in Dubai. In any case, it is critical that network security techniques are implemented at regular intervals, and particularly after any major changes to the network.

The gateway to your internal network is undoubtedly the firewall. Nevertheless, total security solution is much more than just a firewall. It ought to also involve the factors such as:

  • Network configuration: Does it possess a DMZ ? What Internet-facing computer systems and servers are present ?
  • Type and variety of devices: The collection of whether to use a hub, a switch or a router will have safety ramifications, as will the question of which kind of cabling has been hooked up.
  • Protocols and ports supported: If the network facilitates services and open ports (for example “Telnet” on port 23 )that are not really needed to your enterprise, then for security reasons they must be disabled.
  • Auditing and monitoring facilities: Are there logs of network activity and are they in a form which can easily be scanned by a human being ?

Obviously, there is certainly much more to network protection services than setting up a firewall with its default configuration allowed. Information security requires an in depth level of technical knowledge, and a computer security professional consequently it is always a good idea to outsource this task to web application security companies to make sure effectiveness of the security solutions.