Dressing valuable does not mean dressing expensively. After all, there are so many costs that are associated with everyday life, our wardrobes should not be the reason why we can’t pay the bills. It is however a great investment to have valuable wardrobe space, and there are simple hacks to achieve this type of clothing inventory without needing to spend a hundred each month. You might be thinking, why do people opt for valuable wardrobes instead of fast fashion filled wardrobes? There are a few things that come in mind:


Stress-Free Dressing 

There is nothing worse than realising your wardrobe is outdated and full of cheap items. Having a large collection of cheaply made clothing will not benefit you in the long term, as these types of items are more susceptible to breakages and need replacement. Valuable wardrobes allow for stress-free use, and you can have the peace of mind that you can wear them without as much risk of faults. 


Avoid Spending Too Much 

As mentioned, the repeated purchases of staple items will add up a lot more in the long run. If we compare this costly process with buying one quality item that is made from expensive materials, it would be more reliable to buy the quality item to last longer.

If you are looking for the best steps to take to create a valuable wardrobe, consider the following tips:


Find Investment Pieces

To achieve a quality collection of items, you should take the steps to find a quality investment piece. These items will be the bread and butter of your fashion collection. These pieces essentially will allow you to build the most stunning and valuable ensembles that can be worn and treasured for years to come. These items may come with a larger price tag, but start small and slowly build up your investment piece collection. Everyone including yourself will see a visible difference between your cheaper quality clothes, versus the super durable quality items. 


Keep A Lint Roller

You will be amazed at the difference simply using a lint roller on your clothing items can make. Loose threads and stray hairs stuck onto your clothing can give off a bad image and representation, even with the most expensive of clothing items. Invest in a lint roller or razor to rid of loose hairs and threads, and look much more professional.


Ditch The Clothes That Don’t Fit

If you are looking for a reason to make space for your more valuable items, you should get rid of any of the clothes that do not fit. Wearing items of clothing that are too oversized or even too small is not a good look. People with valuable wardrobes only have clothing that is well fitted for them, and often they opt to get tailoring just to make their clothes that extra bit perfect. If you are holding onto clothes that you have not worn for years, make the adult decision to donate or sell them for a new home.


Have Classic Items 

Valuable wardrobes are not always just statement pieces. The best items to spend money on are the pieces that you know you can wear every day. These pieces are often referred to as ‘basics’ but there is nothing basic about spending money on quality, classic items. This might include a coat, boots, or even shirts that are appropriate for everyday use.


Make Sure They’re Weather Friendly 

Versatility is valuable, therefore the statement items within your wardrobe should also be able to stand the various weather conditions. This might include opting for waterproof coats in comparison to faux fur, whilst also including items that allow breathability for the summer months. You should have the perfect balance of summer and winter items that can be matched, paired, and even layered for all-year-round use.


Don’t Be Tricked By Sales

Sale items can seem like a god sent at first glance, but in reality, they are just a tactic to get people to panic buy clothing items under the impression that they won’t get such a great price again. Often, sale items are just stock items fashion brands are hoping to get rid of, and although it might seem like a great deal at first they usually are hiking the original price anyway. 

As painful as it might seem at first to spend the full price on valuable fashion pieces, you will thank yourself in the future. The items are on sale not as a favour to loyal customers, but to simply get rid of the stock as quickly as possible. Don’t give into the sale scams, and go for quality no matter the cost.


Organise Your Closet 

If you want to look expensive, you also have to feel expensive. The origins of feeling valuable in your clothing are to treat it as valuable, which therefore should be traced back to where you store your clothes. If your clothes are left unorganised and not looked after in your closet, you need to change your organisation. You can buy as many quality pieces as you want, but if you are not maintaining them where you store them you shouldn’t expect them to be fault free.


Accessories Shouldn’t Look Cheap 

Aside from your clothes, your accessories should also look as valuable as possible. This is not to say you have to spend thousands on fine jewellery, however, if you simply make sure the pieces you buy are made from durable materials and gemstones, you will instantly amplify your outfit. For example, if you accessorise night out dresses with plastic jewellery, the quality of your outfit will instantly fall. Cheap jewellery shows, therefore if you are responsible enough to keep valuable jewellery safe you should consider buying some to increase the quality of your closet.


Designer Does Not Mean Valuable 

When starting to build up a valuable wardrobe, many people make the mistake of thinking that all designer clothing is valuable. Just because an item has a designer price tag on it, do not mistake it for a valuable item that will last the test of time. Ensure that if you are looking to invest in a few signature designer pieces, you should check out what fabrics and materials were used.


Final Thoughts 

The best-dressed women are the ones that not only value themselves highly, but they also dress invaluable items. First, complete your clear out of all the low-value items that do not contribute to your newfound style, and then take the time to slowly build up your collection. Valuable fashion is not always designer, so look out for well-made items that can be worn for years to come.