Across the world, the potential environmental hazard of plastic usages has caught people attention. At some point, we are more likely to take some plastic bags with us after we purchase something from stores. Eventually, we begin to accumulate plastic and we may not have an idea on how to use them. Plastic bags are so cheap and that’s the reason for their popularity.

It is an affordable way to carry our goods and groceries. After a single use, we could immediately throw them away. While very convenient in theory, there are grave consequences of using plastic bags. A piece of plastic won’t disappear easily, because they are non-biodegradable. In fact, plastic just breaks into much smaller pieces, which is a bad thing because we can’t collect them easily.

In general, plastic bags are bad because they can cause long-term poisoning and never biodegrade. Also plastics are made from fossil fuel and this increases our dependence on crude oil. Plastic can get twisted into many moving machines and can become an annoyance. Fortunately, it is much easier to recycle plastic bags when we can obtain them. In fact, larger grocery stores accept plastic bags for recycling.

In this case, we need to find receptacles inside the stores. Although plastic recycling still requires a large amount of energy, it is still better than leaving plastics in the open environment. When we recycle plastics, we reduce our dependence on this material, because we don’t need to produce a new lump of plastic to make a bucket, for example.

Because plastic bags have significant impact on our environment, it is important to take proper steps. But regardless of what we do, we should make sure that the positives always far outweigh the cons. In this case, we may need to consider bringing our own plastic bags. By bringing reusable bags, we would have much less waste at home and some grocery stores even offer some amount of credit.

Even if it is only 5 cent per bag, the amount may add up gradually over time. Because plastic lower dependence on the increasingly expensive crude oil, it is important to cast our vote for any locally-made reusable bags.

By using reusable bags we don’t have to worry about reusing, recycling or throwing away our disposable bags. We will have much less trash and clutter at home. This will send positive messages to our children. When they see that we are taking green actions, they will take notice and immediately do something similar. There are dozens of potential uses of plastic bags.

As an example, we can use them for trash bag. We could place these plastics near the cat’s litter box, cellar, bedrooms and bathroom to put waste and garbage. Instead of buying new plastic bags, we can also use small grocery plastic bags to collect dog poop. It would be necessary to bring a few bags when we go outside with our dogs. It may be a good idea to donate our plastic bags to charity, because people could use them better.

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