It is very easy to obtain your own free business phone number with the help of eVoice. It is an extensive phone system solution for the users which provides the users with a toll free number or a local number for their mobile devices. Under this system, the users can use their own local numbers or the toll free numbers freely without any discrepancy.

How To Obtain Your Free Business Phone Number

Some of its extensive features are as follows:-

  • The users can use their mobile phones as a second option or a second line.
  • There is a facility of 24/7 hours calling
  • Call routing facility is also available
  • The user can always transcribe his/her voice mail to the text messages or Email itself.
  • There is also an option of 30 day free trial.
  • Most importantly, there are no long term contracts.
  • There is no use of hardware.
  • The users can always mange their business phone calls from anywhere at any point of time.
  • It also has a facility of routing the inbound calls to prioritize your tasks.
  • The users can also read the voicemail transcriptions anytime.

Other benefits

The users can select any type of local business phone number or any toll free number through which they can enjoy all the benefits of a free business phone number.  The major benefit of this type of flawless system is that there is a feature of cost effectiveness as there is no expense involved. The sophisticated features of the big systems can be enjoyed within this category of phone system. EVoice also provides you with the free trials facility and provides you endless advantages. Soon, the whole office will be in your hands.

Things you get with the eVoice business phone number

  • The user will get an auto attendant for answering each and every call.
  • The greetings will also be recorded professionally for answering every call.
  • There is also a service of advanced call routing due to which the rules can be set easily and calls can be set.

The benefit of voicemail to Email feature can also be used effectively by the users. The audio files can be easily attached to the emails which cause ease and efficiency in a business. People can listen to your messages anytime, anywhere. The users can also forward their business calls to any number at any point of time.  The major benefit of this facility is that you may receive the calls on any other phone number as well. it may be a phone of a colleague or a friend or your home as well. The authority in charge is the user itself.  One of the most innovative features is the flexibility of the system.  The voicemails you receive or send can also be converted into MP3 or other audio files.  You can even transcribe texts for the audio files and even read them in case you don’t want to hear them. The services you will receive will be customized in accordance to the type of business you are in.  This system provides the organization a better reputation and a professional image and also makes it easy for the users as well as the callers to easily communicate with everyone.