When you’ve moved into your first place, organising your personal belongings is very important. Getting used to the layout of your place can be difficult, and after a few weeks, it is easy to find your belongings falling into disarray. Decorating a small apartment comes with many pitfalls and it’s hard to keep organised. However, there are many ways you can optimise your home storage with just a few simple changes. Optimising your home storage doesn’t have to be boring – there are many inventive ways in which you can have amazing storage in your home without sacrificing your decor. Here is the definitive guide on how to optimise your home storage. 


Buy Furniture With Built In Storage 

Buying furniture that has built-in storage in it is one of the best hacks to optimise the storage in your home. There are many pieces of furniture on the market that have hidden storage – beds, ottomans, benches, and seats to name a few. This means you can strategically place furniture around your home in order to store away your everyday items. For example, placing an ottoman near the seating in your living room could allow you to store newspapers and magazines. Beds with storage can allow you to put away shoes that you don’t wear very often, and cumbersome items such as winter coats. This way, you can keep your home neat and tidy without having to sacrifice the furniture arrangement of your home. If you’re buying all new furniture for your home, consider buying pieces that have built in storage. 


Use Racks and Hooks

Racks and hooks in your home are one of the best ways to increase your storage space without sacrificing space. Coat racks have enough height to hold a lot of coats, jackets and other accessories without taking up a lot of space in your entryway. These racks are also easy to match to the decor style of the rest of your home, meaning they can actually add artistic cohesion to the space. Adhesive hooks are also fantastic in terms of adding storage to your space, particularly your bathroom. Hooks are great for storing towels, which can really tidy up your bathroom. 


Matching Decor Storage Boxes

If you’re really struggling to find spaces to store your personal items, investing in storage boxes which match your home aesthetic is one of the best ways to optimise your home storage space. There are many different storage box options available in both homeware stores and online. One of the best ways to match your storage boxes to your decor is to look at the defining colour themes of your space – for example, if you have green curtains, cushions and rugs, picking storage boxes in the same colour is a great way to find storage options that don’t detract from your interior decor look. 


Wine Racks and Hutch Bars

Are you a fan of the home bar? Having bottles and glassware all over your living space can make your home look cluttered. However, there are many ways you can organise your hobby – having hutch bars in the corner of your kitchen is a great way to store all of your favourite glassware. Wine racks are perfect for storing alcohol bottles, which means they won’t be cluttering up your kitchen worktops. There has also been a massive decor trend recently for drinks trolleys as a statement piece- this could double up as storage for your bottles and glassware, and also become a great piece of furniture in your home. 


Utilise Outside Space

If you have a garden or outdoor area connected to your home, utilising this space in order to give yourself more storage options is a great thing to do. There are many ways to use the outdoor space for storage – installing a small shed is a great way to store things that you don’t need immediate use of. Having big storage containers outside is also really good for storing things such as bikes, which can be cumbersome to store. If you’ve got access to outside space, make sure you’re using it!


Get The Most Out Of Your Bookcases

If you like bookcases as a furniture item, there are many ways you can utilise it to optimise the storage in your home. For example, if you have space, why not dedicate a whole shelf of your bookcase to storage? This is a great idea if you can fit all of your books on the other shelves. This way you can store small items and keep them out of the way without sacrificing decor on your home. You could also make files of important documents and put them on your bookshelf. This is one of the best ways to optimise your storage space. 


Go Up The Walls

Using every single inch of your home is important when you’re tight on storage. This is especially true in spaces such as bedrooms and kitchens. For example, putting shelves high on the walls of your home can make it so you can fit more shelves around the room. This is great for giving you a lot of extra storage. In kitchens, putting your kitchen ware on top of kitchen cupboards and really utilising all of the space is one of the best ways to increase how much you can fit into your kitchen. You can find storage space anywhere if you look hard enough – but looking up is a good place to start. 


Label Your Storage Boxes

To keep your storage boxes and bags organised, one of the best things you can do is thoroughly label them. Buying labels is pretty cheap, and keeping your storage organised means you will be able to find your items easier. This is very important if you’re going to be storing away things that you need at different times of the year. This will allow you to keep organised and be able to find stuff when you need it. 


Organise Your Wardrobe 

A lot of the reasons why people can’t seem to find space is the fact that they have too many clothes. It can be hard to keep your wardrobe organised. However, there are many ways to keep your clothes organised in your wardrobe. Using multi-hangers, shoeboxes, and vacuum bags to keep all of your clothes compact can allow you to store more clothes in your wardrobe. Organising your wardrobe by category can also make it much easier to find items that you need – for example, having areas for your going out dresses, summer dresses and work dresses can help keep your wardrobe organised. 

There are many ways that you can optimise the space in your home to give you the best possible storage – try some of these out today and find how much space you can save!