A beautifully crafted watch completes any look and is something that people notice that makes you stand out from the crowd. If you have an active lifestyle, it is going to be a different watch to someone who is always in the office. 


Choosing the right watch can be difficult for some people but it doesn’t have to be. If you go with this one simple rule, you will be looking for watches for all occasions which actually can add up pretty fast. Understanding your needs for the watch can dramatically quash out the watches that are not suitable for that need and will give you a list of watches that are perfectly suited for your needs. In this article, we will go through how to pick the perfect watch for every occasion.


Why Have A Watch For Different Occasions?


Let’s start with the watch you already have, it’s probably one of these two things. It’s either an everyday watch and you want one for special occasions, or it’s the opposite where you have a luxury watch but have to wear it every day because you need a watch. I know, we all feel naked without a watch on and if you only have one, it can be hard at times. Owning a variety of different watches saves the hassle and gives you multiple benefits which we will discuss in more detail now.


Flexible: Having a watch to match your outfit is a great feeling when you have it all together. If you have a variety of different watches, it becomes much easier to match them to the different outfits. An example of this would be if you were going to be wearing a sports outfit like urban streetwear, then you are going to want a G shock or something with a rubber strap.  


Stylish: We all know that watches are a huge part of fashion and also show a sense of class and respectability. If you are wanting something that will turn heads, then a stylish watch is a great idea. 


Variety: Like we were saying before, if you already have a watch that you use every day, then you may be getting sick of it. If you have a variety of different watches, then you can switch it up a bit and steer away from the same style. 


Precaution: This is for the people who like to look after their stuff. Let’s say you are going rock climbing, you’re not going to be wanting to wear your £20,000 Rolex are you, no. Opt for something that is going to be great for the activities that you do. Have something a little more durable. 


Back-ups: Everyone needs a backup watch, what if your everyday watch is in the shop for maintenance work, or having a link put in etc. 


How Do You Pick The Perfect Watch For Every Occasion


We know you don’t need an excuse to expand your watch collection but you should start to think about why you want to wear a specific watch. 


  • The events, activities and roles in life.
  • What hobbies do you do?
  • What is your style, and what do you wear to different events?
  • How much do you want to spend on each watch? (Remember, these will fluctuate)
  • How often do you take your watch for maintenance work?


It makes it much easier to decide on the watches you need when you have considered these factors. The best way to pick the right watch for your occasion is firstly by your preference on the type of watch you need. Then also take into consideration what you are wearing in regards to your shoes and belt as these should always be matching. If you are wearing leather, then opt for a leather strap, the same goes with sportswear and rubber straps. 


Consider The Occasion


Now you have determined what you want from a watch, it all now depends on the watch you want. This is the fun part, but not easy by any means. With the countless amount of watch brands, it can be extremely difficult to determine the brand or design you are after. 


Professional Settings:

When searching for a watch for meetings or work, something timeless and classic is definitely the direction you want to go. The watch should show an elegant side of yourself, rather than the sporty side for example. Remember you are showing professional etiquette so nothing too attention-seeking. 


Something minimalistic like a TAG Heuer Carrera will show you take pride in your appearance but don’t want to show off. The leather strap is a great call for when you’re wearing a suit with leather shoes and a belt. 


Outdoor Use & Sportswear:

If you are active and are going to be going on a hike or something, you are not going to be wearing your professional watch. You are going to be needing something a little more durable. When doing something with sports, it’s best to get something with a chronograph as this can benefit you further. A chronograph can track elapsed time so this is great for when you are running etc. Opt for something lightweight but with quality materials as you wouldn’t want anything breaking. 


When you opt for an active or smart watch, you want something that stands out. Rather than the basic silver, black or brown colours, opt for a Breitling Superocean Automatic. The steel casing and navy strap is durable, smart and is perfect for the outdoor watch.



From professional swimming to deep-sea diving, a water-resistant watch can benefit you in more than one way. Unless you are having a tan day at the beach, you will probably wear your watch wherever you go so for this you will want something water-resistant, but also looks suave when you’re walking down the strip. 


An Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Co-Axial Master Chronometer is the best watch for water resistance. The Omega has a helium release valve that allows you to change when in fluctuating pressures. 


Now you know exactly what types of things you need to start looking for when you are deciding on the right watch for the occasion. Good luck with your hunting!