The best possible thing a bride-to-be can experience before her wedding is a well-organized and fun hen party. This gives the future bride and her closest and dearest friends, family and confidants a perfect opportunity to spend time together, bond, share stories and memories and enjoy the air of youth with a touch of wild.

This is not a typical gathering of old friends, but a unique opportunity for a group of people to prepare something which will show the ‘hen’ just how much they care about her and set up a wild night out for the entire group. Here are a few tips for planning the best possible hen party for your friend.

Be Picky and Strict when it Comes to Guest List

Before you get started you should do everything you can to find out more about the future bride. Arranging a guest list can be tricky if she has a lot of friends, since the number of people on the party should not be great. Party guests should only include very close friends, bridesmades and siblings (usually all female). Depending on the kind of party you’re throwing you might want to avoid grandparents, parents, children or her boss.

Do, however, make sure that the only people attending the hen party are those who are invited to the wedding.

Where to Take Her?

You might choose to keep the party a secret and ‘kidnap’ the future bride when she’s on her way to yoga or plan it all with her. Just be careful and don’t allow yourself to be mislead by what you saw in Hollywood movies, since women aren’t usually interested in the same type of party which men prefer.

Plan all-girls weekend out in the country, take her to spa or some wine tasting. Of course, this doesn’t have to be the case with your friend. If you know her very well and you are sure she wouldn’t mind, by all means make her put on a wig with a tiara saying ‘bride to be’ and take her to a strip club. Just make sure that she remembers that night as wonderful and fun (okay, and maybe just a bit embarrassing).

Give Everyone a Small Memorabilia

If you have taken upon yourself to organize the party, you should know the future bride the best. She may be your best friend or your sister, and you must know what she likes and what she hates. Is penis-shaped cake with matching T-shirt going to make her uncomfortable or make her laugh uncontrollably?

Every hen party should be memorable and unforgettable. Make sure the bride gives out small tokens to everyone present that night, so that everyone could remember just how much fun they had. These could be something simple such as badges with funny titles (Bride’s security) on them or satin sashes. It’s up to you, and, of course, the bride. Amazing and funny hens night accessories can be found online. Take some time to browse the web and pick up some ideas before you get started.