Workplace injuries are becoming one of the rapidly growing concerns across the country. Therefore, it is important to keep oneself safe and secure when performing jobs that involve risks and can cause hazards to an individual.

Several studies done in the past suggest that it is extremely important to be cautious and take preventive measures when performing jobs that are risky. One of the most critical body parts that is exposed to maximum danger when performing a job at industrial workplace is eyes.

Eyes are one of the most sensitive body parts that need utmost care and attention when performing a job duty in an industrial area. In order to keep one’s eyes safe and protected, it is important to take certain engineering controls and make use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety glasses, goggles and hybrid eye safety products.

Injuries to eyes

Injuries can occur when an individual is engaged in performing tasks that involve the use of nails, staples or metal. This is because the use of these objects can lead to blindness or vision problems for a person. Another risk involved is that of blunt force traumas that is caused by objects striking the eyes or face or from a worker running into an object.

Protecting the eyes

When choosing an eye protection, one must consider factors such as comfort, nature of risk involved, circumstances of exposure, personal needs etc. This can help ensure that the best choice is made that guarantees protection to eyes as well as ease of use.

There are certain situations when the use of safety glasses is adequate to safeguard the eyes and others when the use of safety goggles is mandatory. Therefore, it is important to make the best choice and ensure maximum protection to eyes.

Safety Glasses

These are the best suitable eye protection tools in the majority of cases. Characterised by safety frames and safety lenses, these also have side shields that provide protection from flying objects as well as objects that could pierce or damage your eyes.

Safety Goggles

While safety glasses offer protection from high impact hazards, these do not suffice in terms of complete eye protection. This is owing to the small gaps around their top, sides and bottom. In such situations where all round protection is required, safety goggles is a better choice as these provide complete coverage around the eyes and includes a strap to help hold the goggles securely against the head. These also keep the contaminants away by forming a seal against the face. Another benefit is in terms of their help with air flow and prevention of misting through ventilation slats.

The best part of these goggles is that these can be worn above the safety glasses and ensure extra protection to the wearer.

It is not just the responsibility of the worker to take self-care but equally of the employer to take measures that can reduce eye injuries and prevent exposure to infection. Therefore, it is time that the employers begin to identify the need of their business and provide employees with appropriate protection tools.