Successful companies today use a variety of online services to build their brand and attract prospective customers. If you are not already doing so, consider using any or all of the following to establish an online presence that will keep pace with or exceed the competition. 

Update Your Company Website 

Chances are good that you already have a great website that viewers can easily find by searching for your company or its products. Keep your website updated every six months with fresh content and new information as well as previews of upcoming sales, expansions, or product lines. Consider posting a blog with your site that will attract readers interested in your topics. These may include economic issues, manufacturing or shipping news, or current events as well as other interesting ideas. To get the most from your online content, consult an expert on small business SEO services for help in strategically placing keywords that will bring people to your site and services. 

Participate in Social Media 

Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter give you the opportunity to connect with professional colleagues around the world. You can also meet new people who are interested in your posts and want to learn more about your company. Interacting with other members and meeting new viewers can help you reach far more people than what a brick-and-mortar building can accommodate. You can post as often as you like to stay relevant to readers and strengthen connections. If you’re too busy to stay actively involved, hire a college student or pay a part-time employee to do it for you. This is a common option for those who have little time for online activities but want to extend their brand to the Web. 

Join Linked In 

A Linked In membership lets invite other members to join your site, and you may be invited to join theirs. You can rate a colleague, employee, or client for their work on recent projects or their specialized knowledge or training. On this site, you can post articles or comment on others’ posts. While you may attract new clients, you could also develop partnerships that may lead to shared projects or referrals. By posting a profile, you will be notified about the number of weekly searches. For a paid subscription, you can find out who was looking at your profile. 

Other Online Media 

Depending on your business interests, you might want to join TikTok or post how-to videos on YouTube. Photos, memes, and forwarded posts can also be added along with creative ways of grabbing viewer interest. 

Take advantage of all the free publicity awaiting your business online. Check out these options and more to find ways of reaching a new customer market. 

When it comes to running a small business, you want to make sure you are making the most of your marketing budget and taking advantage of any free opportunities to improve your marketing. Digital marketing is about the services that you can pay for as well as the things you can do for yourself. With digital marketing, there are numerous things you can do as a small business that will help you reach more people. 

Make Sure Your Website Works on Mobile Phones 

Most people who search the internet no longer do so from a laptop or a computer; instead, they access the internet from their mobile device. Mobile devices have very different screen sizes and capacities, which is why you need to have our website set up to work on mobile devices. You need a mobile-friendly website. Most modern website themes are set up to be mobile-friendly but check with your web developer to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. 

Write High-Quality Blogs 

When you create blogs for your website, you should not be creating blogs that are all about selling your products. Instead, you should be creating blogs that are about providing value to your customers. Your blogs should help educate customers about topics related to your business. They should not all be a sales pitch for your products. 

For example, if you run a septic service company, your blogs should educate customers on different types of septic systems and how to take care of these systems. They should provide customers with valuable information. By providing customers with valuable information, you are going to build trust with your customers, which will in turn help your sales. Stick to high-quality blogs, not sales pitches. This will help drive engagement on your website, which in turn will lead to more sales. 

Target Keywords 

Next, you want to make sure that you are targeting the right keywords. Invest in a keyword study for your business. A keyword study will let you know what SEO keywords you should be targeting with your blogs and on your website. 

For example, for a septic service blog, “septic service in Modesta, CA” would be a keyword that would drive traffic to your blog if you used that exact phrase. This would allow you to target customers in Modesta, California, who are looking for septic services. 

Using keywords is one of the best ways to increase your ranking on search engines. Most people, when searching for things, use keywords, so adding those to your blogs in a natural way, and adding them to your meta descriptions, will help the people who need your services to find you. 

Marketing your website is a long-term process. Start out by making your site mobile-friendly, then focus on adding content to your blog that will help consumers with their problems, and incorporate keywords into your copy. 

For more information, reach out to an online marketing service.