The Rowing machine workout can be compared to the Golf, as golf utilizes legs and hips to generate energy and take a stroke. Rowing machine activity appears to be a general workout, where the upper portion of the body puts more energy than the lower portion of the body, however, the rowing machine activity takes more energy being generated by the hips and legs.

Certain steps and measures are supposed to be taken in order to be safe and secure while working out in a gym or in the house.It is important to know the features and functions of the rowing machine to get the maximum out of it.

Few of the important and essential measure to work out in a safe manner

Setting up the Rowing Machine for the Workout

Different rowing machines have different options and functions. Before starting the workout, it is extremely important to go through the manual or take a proper demonstration, as there are chances of getting injured by following a wrong method of workout.

Adjust your Foot

It is important to set the front portion of the foot and make sure the strap fits your foot. Ensure a tight knot to avoid slipping from the strap. A wrong placement will give you less results by consuming more energy, as you tend to waste energy on every stroke. Adjust the foot stretcher to a comfortable position, as it plays a major role in keeping your muscles in a good shape for a long workout. As we generate most of the energy from the legs, it is important to follow the instruction to avoid an inefficient workout or a stroke.

Check Damper Settings

Check the damper settings of the rowing machine before starting up. Damper settings are the most important settings, as it defines the stage or level of workout. A beginner will have to keep the damper settings to the minimal level to have a mild workout and can be increased eventually. Damper settings directly works on the lever, which controls the flywheel.A flywheel controls the pressure levels and gives enough room to exercise effectively. The top level damper settings are usually used by experts, as it feels like rowing a heavy boat.

Some of the best rowing machines in the market come with advanced features of setting up the damper according to the speed, however, it is advised to keep it manual to improvise the workout in a disciplined manner.

Understand the Progress

Some of the latest models of rowing machines come with a pretty screen, which would be displaying our performance accurately. It is important to understand and analyze the data, as it plays a major role in evaluating our progress to workout in a better way. The monitor even guides you to practice properly, as it can figure out the amount of energy and result in an appropriate way. A beginner would be able to enjoy more, as it gives out the accurate result of our work out on a regular basis and gives out tips to improvise the activity.