Immigrating to Canada is now becoming  quite a desirable and pleasing process for people. Under this program, the potential immigrants are only allowed to migrate under the Express Entry program. Only three classes of immigrants are eligible to apply for the Express Entry program. Candidates that are eligible for Express Entry for Canada immigration are sent an Invitation to Apply for their permanent residence. After receiving the invitation, one has a time of 60 days to apply for permanent residence.

How To Study and Live In Canada

The immigration to Canada process has been efficient and updated under the Express Entry by Top Immigration Consultants for Canada. The three classes are:

Canadian Experience class

  • In this category, the candidates who have an experience of 1 year in Canada are eligible
  • One is required to have necessary language skills to prove their worth for application of this category.
  • This immigration to Canada category is not at all applicable for application of permanent residence inside Quebec.

Federal skilled trades

It’s very important for candidates to go for a specific language test. It’s also very crucial to know that under such Canada immigration programs, the educational documentation assessment is necessary. This ECA is important for education which is usually received outside of Canada.

But this ECA is not important if;

  • If the candidate possesses a year of work experience in the country
  • The work experience is mentioned in a particular skilled trade which is listed in Canada’s NOC.
  • The candidates should also know that the Express Entry class is not eligible for permanent residency in Quebec.

Federal skilled worker

  • The candidate needs to have a full-time work experience of about 1,560 hours in a year or the same in part-time. However, the candidate needs to receive all the payments for work.
  • Any unpaid work will not be counted in the Express Entry class. The work experience can be at different skill levels of type 0, or either level B or level A.
  • An educational credential assessment is not required topossess Canadian high school or secondary degree,certificat and diploma.
  • The candidate should have excellent language skills. He/she should know either French or English.

Apart from the fulfillment of all the above mentioned qualifications, one also needs to have a valid job offer with LMIA which is Labor Market Impact assessment. This means that if you receive a job, it won’t impact and crash the job of any of the existing Canadians.

If you need an assistance in fulfilling your Express Entry profile for the Canada immigration application, you can contact any Good Immigration Consultants for Canada.

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