It is very important to be able to read your pet’s body language. No matter what pet you have: a dog or a cat, understanding their body language you will be able to define if your pet is happy or nervous, cheerful or sad. But if you haven’t had any pet yet, visit this website for cat adoption.

The following tips will help you to read your pet’s body language. Let’s take dogs. It is really useful to know if your dog is frightened because fear often causes aggressive behavior.

You can undoubtedly avoid dangerous situations if you are skilled in reading dog’s body gestures.

Dogs communicate with us primarily using their body. They can’t talk but they can show what they feel and want.

The amount of your dog’s excitement depends on how much energy he shows. This is actually significant to notice it when you see the dog moving toward you. The high-energy dog will show the following signs: fast tail-wagging (sometimes it does not mean that the dog is friendly or glad), barking or growling. Be cautious around such dogs because they can react quickly.

If the dog bellows or grins it might mean that he is intending to bite. If you noticed this, turn away from him and go away slowly. Don’t run in any case.

The dog’s body position might tell you something helpful. If the dog is straight up, he is displaying his confidence. When the dog leans away or curves away from a person or an animal, he is frightened.

The dog that is confident walks using a tall step with his head high and ears up and a little bit forward. When the dog feels dangerous, he starts to bend his knees and cringe toward the ground.

The dog that lifts a front paw might be highly anxious or frightened of the another dog approaching him. When the dog lifts a paw sitting, he admits your dominance.

If the dog looks directly into your eyes, it can be viewed as challenge.

The dog’s ears up and forward might mean wary, anxious, friendly or curious signs of the dog’s mood.

Flatting up his ears against the head, the dog displays fear or obedient behavior.

The position of the tail can tell us a lot of interesting. A very confident dog holds his tail over the highest level of the backbone. His tail will lower as his confidence decreases.

Whenever the dog is putting his head across the back of another dog’s neck, in such a way he tries to declare his supremacy over another dog.

In case if the hair on the dog’s back rises it might be either aggressiveness or excitement.

If the dog is spinning quickly it indicates that he is extremely happy and ready to play. If the dog turns his back towards another dog he displays that he is relaxed and not scared.

It is a great idea to learn to read our pets’ body language. If you are going to adopt a dog this knowledge will be useful for you.