Spring pleases us with the shining sun and warm days. It’s time to update the garden furniture so that you can relax with pleasure in nature. After all, nothing decorates the garden as brightly and originally as garden sofas, tables, deck chairs and flower stands. How to create a stylish garden furniture decor?

A creative garden table can be made with the help of old tires and paint in spray cans. Thoroughly clean the surface of the rubber, degrease it and spray the aerosol paint. You can paint tires with the same color. Then you should place the tires one on one, fastening them with the help of glue. Put a glass surface on top and the table is ready. It is simple and effective at the same time! This dining table and sofa made of wooden pallets look amazing! Contrasting combinations of bright colors, decorative cushions and fluffy caps of flowering petunias complement the original image of this terrace.

Garden furniture can become a bright complement to your terrace. The paint in cans of different colors will help you create a unique style of it. Give each chair an individual bright shade and such an original approach will be definitely appreciated by your guests and neighbors. In order to refresh the terrace, you need a couple of aerosol paint bottles and a bit of your free time.

From wooden pallets you can easily make a real decoration of a terrace, garden patio and even a holiday home by painting them in bright colors. By the way, children’s pails, watering cans and vases painted in bright contrast colors will also look good in your garden.

If you have an old chair, do not rush to throw it out. Using aerosol paint and your imagination, it may well turn into an original element of decor and serve you faithfully for many years to come. You only need to carefully sand the old wood, prime it and cover with a suitable color by step-by-step dresser painting.

When decorating your garden furniture, choose contrasting shades. Such combinations look fresh and perfectly emphasize the bright colors of the summer. with the help of an aerosol paint you can give your tables, chairs, benches, sofas and armchairs their own unique character.

You can also create a beautiful composition out of the pallets and coils for the cable. You can leave the pallets in a natural way, with spectacular cracks and scuffs – according to the loft style. Or you can paint the tree with aerosol paints of bright colors. It will be fresh and creative. Soft mattresses and pads will perfectly complement your garden composition.

Those who like to throw different parties in the garden will find the idea of making a bar out of wooden pallets especially useful. You just need to grind the wood well, and then spray the paint of any color. It doesn’t require much effort, and the result will exceed all expectations!

By using aerosol sprays you can restore any outdoor furniture and your garden will always look bright and unique.