As the owner or manager of a building, the maintenance and safety of your property, as well as of the people and guests that visit it, is your primary concern. We seem to live in a world where crime rates are spiraling, and nobody is immune from theft, burglary, or vandalism. However, despite the risk of various unwanted incidents occurring, there are many things you can do – often very simple things – to make sure your building and its occupants don’t fall prey to them. Ever wonder what you can do to make your property a safer place to be in? Here’s how you can easily enhance the safety and security of your building.

Maintenance around the building

It’s not just the building itself you should worry about (although of course, making sure the locks are in proper working order is an absolute necessity). It’s also about making sure that other points of entry (windows, for example) are workable, that the fences don’t have any unwanted holes, and that the hedges and greenery around your building can’t easily hide an intruder. Maintain your building, but spend some more time on the maintenance around the building as well.

Motion detection

It’s surprising at how much a motion detector can do – as soon as that light goes on (triggered by the intruder’s movement), the perpetrator immediately feels watched and a lot less comfortable. Motion detection surprises potential wrong-doers, and often they flee just because the lights go on. Motion detectors can also be hooked up to cameras or other equipment to record what is going on.

Inform your occupants and visitors

A little education goes a long way. Often break-ins are possible because of information gathered (or even keys duplicated) from the occupants or visitors.

The use of lights

A well-lit area is a natural deterrent to would-be burglars. Install as many lights as you can (you can make them eco-friendly and energy sufficient).

Installing cameras

A CCTV system, as security Oxford experts from Security confirm, is a natural deterrent, and can help tremendously during an investigation after an incident occurs. Focus on the entrance areas and the common areas.

The simple measures that are taken to increase the security of the building should not be considered as cost – rather, it should be taken as an investment that benefits everyone. Even strictly economically speaking, you should be able to benefit because the improvement of security is likely to bring your insurance premiums down. Furthermore, the heightened awareness of the security acts as a preventive tool in and of itself, and the increase in morale and satisfaction of the people who regularly visit or work in the building will certainly be worth the little effort. Security is everyone’s concern, and nothing is more important than everyone’s safety.