Want to surprise your husband by gifting him a relaxing vacation? While it is a fantastic goal to have, you may be deterred by the sheer financial involvement and commitment that it requires. Fret not; there are a few simple strategies that you can follow in order to gift your husband a dream vacation that will bowl him over for sure!

You can start with a period of 12 months to save up enough for your vacation. You should always choose suitable dates for the vacation. Even if not the exact dates, you should have a clear idea of the festivals or holidays when your husband will have lower work pressure and will be relatively free, i.e. Christmas, New Year and so on. The first thing to remember is that you should not eat into your savings for this purpose. Make a new and separate travel fund for surprising your hubby with a holiday.

How You Can Gift Your Husband A Vacation

Make a rational budget when you start. You should ensure that 100% of your corpus is not spent on this dream trip. Always budget according to your own financial capabilities. There is an old saying, cut your coat according to the cloth which should come in handy here. If you are using your own savings, ensure that even after the vacation, there is enough left to take care of at least 6 months of your living expenses. Make sure that your long-term savings and investments are not compromised.

If you already have an accumulated sum of money, you can think of starting an FD for accomplishing this fabulous surprise for your man. You can use an FD calculator to check how your money will grow and should make an FD investment after checking interest rates offered by various banks and NBFCs. Go for the highest possible fixed deposit interest rates since this will ensure that you get higher returns on the investment that you make. Once your Fixed Deposit matures (you can set a time period as per your own plans), you can use the lump sum amount to go on a holiday with your husband.

If you are planning to do this entirely from your savings, make a Travel Fund, as stated earlier. Try and allocate as much as possible from your monthly income to this fund by cutting back on expenses and not disturbing existing savings plans and necessary expenses. You should be patient enough when it comes to meeting the budget that you have in mind. Once you have saved up a decent amount, you can then use it for booking tickets and hotels. You should always plan accordingly with ample time in hand for bookings. You may also consider SIPs and other monthly savings schemes and forever green FD Investment scheme which will help you stay disciplined while meeting your targets. If you have cash left when the month ends, put this into your travel fund as well.

Once you have enough money and have made the bookings, give your husband the surprise of a lifetime!