The mid-range smartphones of HTC catalog are increasing slowly and HTC has added new members in the desire series. One of its new members is HTC Desire 510, which was revealed last year.

 HTC Desire 510: Overview and Specs

If we talk about the dimensions and display measurement of the phone, then you would find it decent, since 4.7 inch allow ample display space, but the resolution remains at 854 x 480 (only 208 ppi pixel density). That is, there is hardly any visible improvement from the terminal evolving and can not compete with the large number of terminals of 720p that already exist in the market for a price not too high.

Knowing this when the picture quality is checked, and one considers that it will not be the best, and no surprises. The colors are somewhat warm (and even distorted), sometimes come to appreciate the point on the screen and also the viewing angles are not good nor contrast, by the way. It is not noted here in HTC Desire 510 (perhaps more solvent brightness than expected).

Another improved element here is the screen frame, extremely visible and pronounced, which could be much less without being excessive and better use the front of the HTC Desire 510. Of course, the tactile response provides no problem and their resistance everyday we have proven to be surprisingly good.

HTC Desire 510 is much more convincing than part of its competition in the market. We say this because it includes a processor Snapdragon 410 (US model uses the 400) and, therefore, has been one of the first on the market with this support system on chip with 64-bit architecture. This is a great goal.

In terms of in memory of HTC Desire 510, 1 GB RAM reaches, while the internal storage to 8 GB (expandable), so it has no large cracks and, for example, not much to envy Motorola Moto G.

The user experience is quite satisfactory after trying for several days the HTC Desire 510; even at times the sense of flow was very convincing. But, yes, sometimes we noticed some sporadic “lag” for no apparent reason we do not know why that happened (surely that any software update fixes the). The fact is that for a normal user, the HTC Desire 510 does not clash or the least. Incidentally, with games in three dimensions demanding will only slightly better than the terminals with Snapdragon 400, immediately.

Considering the HTC Desire 510 for your Android smartphone is good choice, but if you don’t care about the brand name then you could find more devices of smaller brands that offer more functionality in these same price or lower price. And definitely its prices would fall soon as HTC would reveal its high-end smartphones like HTC One M10 or more. But firstly HTC One M9 would make its entry and later other phones would be launched.