Women are appropriate to conceive during the time of ovulation days. If the couple have sex in these days then it is assured for best outcome in conception. If you have more doubts and clarifications then you can consult the health expert for effective information. The expert will make you clear about ovulation and conception occurrences. There are different tested ways to know identify when are you most fertileduring every menstrual cycle. Most of the doctors will suggest this process to find your ovulation period. The menstrual cycle days may differ from 26 to 32 for different people. You want to subtract 18 days from shortest cycle of 26 days. If you have longest cycle then you need to reduce 11 days from your cycle. Using this calculation it is easy to guess that you will be more fertile during 7 to 21 days.

Scientific and Cost Effective Method

There are dissimilar ways to identify that you are fertile with a little investment. The scientific and cost efficient process is available in the market so you can make use of it. Using this technology you can easily find out when are you most fertile in the effective way. Even you can obtain help from your close one to know about the special kits. The ovulation kits will be accessible in drug store so you can purchase it. The appearance of kit will be same as home pregnancy kits. To find out the fertile time you need to drop the urine sample in this kit. Modification of colour will denote the state of ovulation in the strip. This will take only certain seconds so you can easily recognize your conception period.

Keep a Closer Look in the Body Temperature

Your body changes will also explain you the indication of ovulation time. If you sincerely have a closer look in your body then you can identify with the help of body temperature. Once you find the basal body temperature you want to make a note in separate chart. Using that calculation you can easily guess the process of conception. The change in body temperature plays the major role in identification of ovulation process in efficient manner. Progesterone will dominate the temperature of body and estrogens will control the warmth during and after ovulation. In the centre stage of the ovulation period you can predict most fertile time with the help of menstrual cycle.