Effective communication is the lifeline of every successful business. In fact, no professional or personal relationship can survive without proper channels of communication. Without proper communication and coordination amongst employees, staffs, and external bodies, a company is doomed to fall apart sooner or later. On the other hand, effective communication amongst the staff and the supervisors ensure that employees are able to clearly communicate their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and problems to their seniors.

Importance Of Effective Business Communication In An Organization

Proper communication leads majorly to high percentage of employee satisfaction and this, in turn, brings growth and success for the company and enhances its public image as well. As someone who knows the scope, importance, and need for effective business communication too well, George Bardwil points out the key reasons why a company must work towards achieving efficient and productive communication strategies.

George Bardwil suggests that efficacious business communication plays a vital role in every organization and thus, companies need to understand its scope and significance. Below mentioned are some of the ways an establishment benefits from a flawless business communication strategy:

  • As mentioned before, no relationship, be it personal or professional, can survive without proper communication. Through proper communication, long lasting professional relationships can be built and a positive work environment can be attained.
  • When employees are given the opportunity to communicate their thoughts openly, they are also given the chance to brainstorm new ideas for the benefit of the company and companies must understand the importance of new ideas and techniques. If the staff is afraid or apprehensive of voicing out their opinion and ideas in the open, the company will fail in utilizing their potential to the maximum.
  • With effective channels of communication, leader and supervisors are able to build strong relationships with their departments and team. They also get the power and ability to drive their team members to work hard and achieve team goals together which in turn helps the organization. Such communication also boosts employee morale and encourages them to work extra efficiently for themselves and for their team.
  • When organizational and departmental heads adapt effective communication, they are able to better inform their employees and staffs of processes and company updates including updates in policies and procedures of the company. This ensures that all employees are on the same page and do not violate the rules and regulations which in turn prevents conflicts within an organization.
  • Last but not least, lack of proper communication channels lead to demise of a company and for obvious reasons. Proper and effective communication not only includes internal but also external communication. If an organization is unable to draft a proper marketing and promotion strategy for its products and services and isn’t successful at ensuring that the message reaches its target consumer, there will be no profit or growth and hence, it will lead to the collapse of the business.

There are several other factors that prove the importance of business communication and its effective implementation, however, business communication specialist George Bardwil maintains that ensuring all the above goals are achieved should be the most significant for any organization.