Preparing for competitive exams Like GATE, IES, IAS etc of any kind is hardly simple. However, one of the basic problems with the syllabus or what has to be covered before the exam is the necessity of the English section. There are multiple reasons as to why this section is important and mandatory for every examinee to clear, depending on the exam and its regulations.

Importance of Language in Competitive Exams

Despite the irritation of not getting this section right, the fact of the matter remains that English is extremely important. The English language is known as the universal language, meaning it will aid your communications with any person who does not speak in your tongue or in your native language.

Here are some reasons why the English language is an important aspect of your competitive exams and why you must crack this section:

Importance Of Language In Competitive Exams

  • This section tells the examiner about your knowledge: Most competitive exams make use of only the vocabulary section and test your concepts of the same. These tests are created in such a manner that the examiner will get a crystal clear understanding of your concepts and how well you can communicate in the language.
    Other than this, your grammatical knowledge of various aspects of the language is also put to the test, which again, allows the examiner to understand your capabilities.
  • Communication Skills: Competitive exams are tough, and after clearing such exams, chances are you will be granted a high ranking position wherever you find employment. Now, English is one of the most used languages in the world and has become important for everyone. It only makes sense for such exams to put your knowledge for the language to a test. To communicate with others as well as other officials, the student will need to amp up their vocabulary sections.

This is why most of the exams only test the basic language concepts, nothing extraordinary. All the student is required to know is the basics of the language which will help them to have a fluid conversation with anyone.

  • Ability to handle Ideas: This point spells out the creative aspect of the language. An examinee’s mental capabilities and ability to handle ideas are tested with the help of English tests. The idea behind including the English language in all kinds of competitive exams and making it mandatory has a solid reason behind it. Apart from simple communications, the examinee is expected to easily communicate their ideas to others. Since English is widely understood, this will help the student to be confident about their ideas and their application. No matter where the student is, the student can express what they feel and help others understand their point of view.

How to Crack the English Section?

When it comes to preparing for the English section, most students are confused as to what exactly should they do. Well, here is a brief list of things to help you out of this predicament:

  • Read, Read, Read: Reading newspapers and magazines are the best ways to start fixing your lingual problems. This will help you understand the concepts of the language and will help you keep yourself up to date with all kinds of information. Trying reading your course books as well. This will not only be good practice for you but will also allow you to understand what you study better.
  • Speak in English: Try speaking to others in English. Apart from this, you will find that you will gain confidence as well. Speaking in English will allow you to grasp the vocab as well as the grammatical portion of the subject as well.
  • Watch movies or news or TV shows: English language, like any other language, needs to be understood. And to understand a language you need familiarity with the language. Try watching TV shows and news channels in English, if you are a fan of sports put on the English commentary and keep yourself engaged.
  • Solve Questions: Wren and Martin are one of the best books to get your English correct and in form. However, you can even try to make use of other kinds of English grammar books and solve the questions to understand where you stand. Without solving these questions and putting your skills to the test, you will not be able to know where you stand.

The importance of English in our lives at present cannot be stressed upon enough. Competitive exams not test you for the relative field but also test your communication skills. It is important for everyone to know how to communicate, and English is the answer to those problems. Anything that is new to you will appear impossible in the beginning, but when preparing for your exams if you put all your hard work into preparing and strengthen this language, the benefits will be huge for you.