Conveyancing management software can be used throughout the lifetime of a conveyancing contract. It can be used to store data, provide access to that data, and to utilise the data to perform tasks and complete procedures within the conveyancing process. It is important to get the whole firm behind the implementation of the software, and to ensure that it is used in preference to disparate and separate spreadsheets, databases, and other documents.

Store And Record Data

Every individual can be made responsible for the entry of data that is relevant to the work that they do, or you can have a data entry team that processes invoices, adds contact details, and updates contact information on the system. Furthermore, additional data such as workflows and procedure details can also be stored in the database, and it is even possible to combine your conveyancing firm management software with IT software and other infrastructure to automatically record data from phone calls and other incoming communications.

Access Data And Information

Storing data is only the first step, and there will be many times when you and others within your organisation need to access this data. Whether you want to quickly access a phone number, or you want to determine exactly where in the process a customer’s conveyancing contract is at, you can quickly and easily access this information using your conveyancing firm software. An intuitive and logical interface will help to ensure that everybody is able to access the information that they need, when they need it.

Populate Communications

Letter templates, emails, and other forms of communication are sent to clients and to local authorities, the land registry, and other agencies throughout the process, and these items will require information pertinent to the conveyancing process that is currently being worked on. Through the use of effective software and the efficient updating of the information that it stores, legal firm management software can be updated so that items of communication are automatically updated with appropriate and up to date details.

Send Automatic Updates

What’s more, the software can be used to automatically send these pieces of communication. It is possible to send an email update to clients, or even a brief SMS message, when specific milestones are reached. Alternatively, letters to the land registry and local authorities can be populated with client-specific information and printed, ready for delivery. By automating these processes, it is possible to ensure that none are missed, and that your firm meets deadlines while also including pertinent and timely information.

Report And Analyse For Future Business Decisions

Once updates are sent, and even when contracts are completed, this doesn’t mean that the data used has reached the end of its useful life. The software will continue to update and store data, it will even compile reports, and information can be used for comparison and analyses of company data. Want to know whether certain types of contract are no longer profitable? Which fee earners are bringing in the most money? Data reporting features of your conveyancing firm software can provide all of this information and more.

Redbrick Solutions’ conveyancing firm software can be used to manage, update, and maintain data gathered and collected during every step of the contract process. Enjoy automated and streamlined processes, access accurate reports, and make better informed business decisions for your law firm.