Why do you need an ATM machine? To take out money whenever required, which also includes the holidays, when the banks are all closed.

You may come across companies that offer services of ATM placement in premises of various businesses. If you have banks near to your store, what is the reason to rent out a space to a teller machine? Well, true enough! Now think of a situation, a customer in your store is about to pay for the goods selected but finds no cash in the wallet. He or she walks out of the store to get the money out of an ATM and while returning back found another store, offering same service as yours. The customer enters this store and pays the price for the goods without returning back to your shop.

So, what do you learn? If you have installed an ATM machine in your business premise, this could have been easily avoided. Automated banking has gained immense popularity and with people having more money in hand, ATM machines and its usability is more recognized.

There are even some misconceptions about having an ATM machine. Many believed, maintaining a teller machine is very expensive and time consuming as well. But the fact is, managing this machine takes only 5 minutes every day. So, if you have decided to install one, learn the techniques of maintenance. You can also opt for the services of ATM company. They can send technicians to help you with the maintenances.

No matter what kind of business you are running, owning an ATM machine can of course help you in many ways.

  • Firstly, as already mentioned, you do not have to let go off your customers, even if they have run out of cash. If you do not accept card, the ATM machine inside your store can help them to draw cash as per need. So, you continue to get more and more traffic.

  • Even if the customers do not have enough cash, they can still purchase because they know that your ATM machine can give them the required cash. So, your sales figure is bound to increase.

  • If you are allowing your customers to use debit or credit card to make purchase then, you need to pay for the fees. The amount of each fee depends on the total purchase price and even small fees can add up to a significant amount. So, if you want to avoid paying this fee then install an ATM machine.

  • You also earn a surcharge amount every time a customer uses your machine. So, this is additional revenue that you can retrieve from the machine, even if you have hired it. Moreover, this fee is decided by you, which gives you an opportunity to earn extra profit.

ATM machine is an excellent customer retention technique. You can hold on to the customers and at the same time, gain more recognition in the locality as a store that is ready to offer its customers the best possible services.