Some people may wish to keep their hearing problem a secret one. For these types of people there are hearing aids available in the market which is really tiny and not easily visible. These aids can fit easily in the ear without any noticeable change in the appearance of the patient. They can fit in the ear canal completely. This helps in having an appearance with which people will hardly notice that person is using a hearing aid. There is a type of hearing aid available in market called invisible hearing aids which is hardly visible when a patient wears it.

Invisible Hearing Aids

How they fit:

Usually in these hearing aids outside shell is tailor made. This will help in matching the contours of the ears inside part. This is the reason they are really comfortable and patient can wear it as long as they want to.


These tiny hearing aids are easy to use. So, removal and insertion is not a problem. Along with this, changing the batteries for these aids has been made really simple.


  • The main advantage of these invisible hearing aids is that there will not be any visible trace when a person is wearing these aids.
  • These are designed to absorb the sound in natural way
  • These hearing aids can work well with phones
  • One greater thing about them is they can be designed as per the patients wish. They are usually custom made.
  • These invisible hearing aids can be suitable both for elderly patients as well as youngsters.
  • These designs have become really popular and won the design awards as well.

How they work?

Even though there are varieties of sophisticated hearing aids available one common thing that patients expect from them is they must deliver natural sound. Along with this, patients wish to keep their hearing issue in secret. That is why they expect these two things in a hearing aid they choose.

For these type of patients invisible hearing aid is the best choice. This comes with latest technology in the amplifiers. This hearing aid will be smaller compared to finger nail. They are called so, because if the patient is wearing it it’s hard to recognize it.

Invisible hearing aids are available from many manufacturers. These are considered as revolutionary products. When it comes to the technology also they are available in range of technologies inside them.

Before deciding on this, the audiologist must recommend this small invisible hearing aid to the patient. Without his recommendation one cannot use this. This may not be suitable for all. Based on the autonomy of the ear, experts will decide which aid can be used by the patient.

Invisible hearing aids are usually custom made. They are suitable for patients with mild and moderately severe hearing issue. The main advantage of these aids is in majority of the patients they are completely invisible.

So, one must consult right audiologist who can recommend suitable hearing aids. When the size of the hearing aid and the appearance are of main concern, talk to audiologist before he recommends hearing aids. By keeping these factors in mind, he can suggest suitable hearing aids.