In the present times, great emphasis is laid on the views and opinions of the public in state related matters or political as well as economical matters relating to the government of that place. Public plays a vital role and their role cannot be denied at any costs for any of the reasons at any point of time. Now the very first question that comes to the mind is “what does one mean by the term grassroots advocacy?” It is a form of decision making wherein the public of a particular area is given due importance and thus plays a great role in taking the decisions along with the state legislature and related government agencies.

Public has got the command to instruct the policy makers and impact their decisions for the benefit of one and all and for the good of the business as a whole. Thus in simple words, one can say that a layman has the right to approach the government and take decisions along for the betterment of the society as a whole. This way both the government as well as the public gets benefited in some or the other way as the government tends to become more and more responsible and caring towards the needs of the public and simultaneously the public gets to know all the important information beforehand so that they can work accordingly.

The government officials must know that the public has got a say in the decisions made by them and thus cannot be fooled at any point of time. Delay in any kind of decision making is harmful for the government and related sectors and thus must be avoided at all costs for all the good reasons. People voting the government must be given not just the voting rights but many of the essential rights to make them feel important and do well for their region on their own.

Jack Bonner is a name in himself when it comes to grassroots advocacy and his opinion matters at all levels of decision making. Thus people like him cannot be discarded at any point of time or put into the back without any active participation from their end. Grassroots advocacy is of prime importance and must be given due recognition at all levels of decision making be it governmental or legislative ones.

The objective of Jack Bonner behind grassroots advocacy is to make the general public move their shoulders with the government and help them in the better and smooth decision making and thus stay in touch with the government officials and legislators at all points of time. Various associations and organizations work in the positive manner and towards achieving these goals for the overall development of the society.

One can very well say that the grassroots advocacy is the effort of a single individual whose keenness is very much visible from his/her thoughts and actions. Such a person is very much keen on starting the project and acting on the same with the passing time. This way this person can make the necessary changes and impact the overall society or a nation as a whole.