When one talks about grassroots advocacy, the first and the foremost question that arises in the mind is “Whether it is a known form of lobbying in any nation or not?” The simplest answer to this question is that citizens of a particular country, nation and state have a right to question the government and demand an answer for the same within a stipulated period of time. This is the most important feature of the democracy and the democratic government under which one is living and spending the life. All this is what is stated by Jack Bonner.

Grassroots advocacy in very simple words means changing the overall perception of the public about a company or the rival and thus it deals with the general public and not the professional lobbyists. In the current times, it is gaining popularity in the minds of the people and serving as the best means of expressing their ideas and views about a particular company. It is influencing the people in the right manner at the right point of time in the right direction itself.

Grassroots advocacy is becoming popular with the passing time and coming in the eyes of the general public for raising various issues. Social media like the Facebook and Twitter have helped positively and ardently and involved the people in case there is any issue. People tend to be involved from the very beginning till the end once the issue gets resolved. It is a much faster way of approaching the people in the best of the manner without wasting any of the precious time.

Jack Bonner and Solid Foundation Of Grassroots Advocacy Program

As per Jack Bonner, Grassroots advocacy program is based on the solid foundation. The steps of which are listed as below:

  • Communicating the information to the interested group of people

Every information before the start of the issue must be passed on to the maximum of the people through all the possible means. In other words, one can say that passing on the information to one and all who is interested to know about the same and thus make a change of its kind.

  • Persuading the interested group of people to take necessary and timely action

Not just passing on the message to the interested group is essential but at the same time persuading them rather convincing them to take the necessary and timely action is of utmost importance and must be carried out for sure.

  • Standardized and simplified steps to take the necessary action

Once the information is passed to the interested group and they have been convinced for some action to be taken at their level, some standardized and simplified steps must be taken in the form of making a phone call, sending an email or else signing a petition kind of a letter for better and positive results.

  • Following up with the interested group of people

After having the necessary information, it is essential for the interested group to act on the same and also get the information regarding the efforts done by them. One must build a strong bond with the members by letting them know each and every detail of the issue being raised by them.