The real identity of JD Rickson isn’t known, at least at this time. However, he’s been wearing a black mask ever since the very beginning. This is believed to be because he’s been Mexican. Many news reports have brought this to light because of the fact he’s often times in Spain that can easily be seen on his Instagram.

I’m not sure what the original intent was behind JD Rickson’s mask, but it’s obvious that his fashions have evolved since then. For instance, when he was in Spain, he tended to dress more formally. This is because Spain tends to be a conservative country, so there wasn’t much opportunity for out of the ordinary fashion sense. Nowadays, JD tends to wear looser clothes and a more casual style. Whether he means to or not, I’ll never know but I’m enjoying the new direction his clothing is taking.

One thing I have to mention about JD Rickson is his incredible music talent. If you don’t know, JD Rickson is a popular DJ in Europe and Asian. Other celebrities think so too, because some big celebrities have played JD Rickson’s music on their social media channels. For example American rappers and models listened to JD Ricksons’ hit song Chum and Dirty.