The country well known for oil reserves and natural gas generates ample amount of jobs in UAE. The city’s economic growth is boosted by oil and natural gas reserves, travel and tourism industry, and many more like HR jobs, credit officer jobs etc.

Job Vacancies In UAE

Reason for choosing UAE as dream destination:

  • Professionals are exempted from paying tax which in turns helps in saving a little more when compared with other developed nations like the USA and UK where it is mandatory to pay the tax
  • Luxurious lifestyle at an affordable cost which proves to be very useful for an expat
  • There is no restriction on culture, as the country is filled with diverse people belonging to different communities
  • No bar on following different tradition and religion which in turn offers non-residents to live freely and follow their god without any fear
  • UAE offers an amazing blend of luxurious and spacious accommodation, ambitious opportunities, iconic tourist sights, vast variety of gourmet restaurants, amazing entertainment zones.

There are different benefits offered by UAE government to the expats or foreigners. Depending upon the skills and experience, candidates get job. Below is the list provided which includes some of the highest paying jobs:-

  1. Tax Manager– tax managers are in huge demand in UAE especially in large organizations. Their salary lies in between 28166- 43166 AED per month
  2. Financial Planner–  to handle the stress of tax or value added tax, companies irrespective of small or big need financial planning executives who earn salaries somewhere between AED 600,000 and AED 870,000 per year
  3. Chief Digital Officers– with advancement in technology there has been increase in job opportunities in the digital marketing industry. Digital officer handles operations linked with digital networking. Their salary is in range of AED 636,000 and AED 955,000
  4. Data Manager– the duty involves collecting data from a large database and using it in an efficient manner. Salary is in between AED 475,000 and AED 779,000 per year
  5. HR staff– they are meant for hiring good employees for the benefit of the organization. Apart from this they also ensure employee’s safety. They can earn salary which range in between AED 460,000 and AED 470,000 per year
  6. Consultant Doctor can earn salary of about 2150000AED in a year. One point which is to be kept in mind your recognition is considered only when you are been recognized by Dubai Health Authority
  7. Managing director– degree in business and many years of experience will help you in getting the high position. On an average their annual salary is 1600000AED or so and many more profiles are there which have high salary.

How to Apply for Jobs?

Before applying for jobs first plan everything including credentials like your education, skills and present it in an organized manner.

Following are the steps which are to be taken to get job:-

  • Make an impressive CV either on your own or take help from your friends or from a professional
  • After step 1st start registering on various job portals for free. Some of the leading job portals which help candidates in getting jobs in an effective manner. For example
  1. Monstergulf
  2. Bayt
  3. Indeed
  4. LinkedIn and many more

After making your profile on the job portal start your job search and land yourself in a job of your choice and preference

  • Showing your regular activity on LinkedIn increases your chances of getting good job, as it is an amazing platform. Recruiters or potential employers search for profiles and those who match their requirements are hired
  • You can also email your CV or resume to the company without going through third party
  • Look for classifieds section of your newspaper which shows the current openings in different companies.

There are many reasons because of which expats or foreigners consider doing jobs in UAE.

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