With popularity of K-pop music worldwide, people are interested in learning more about the artists and their style. Fashion and pop culture magazine NYLON has featured top Korean artists in their recent issues. For the month of June, Jessica Jung and Krystal Jung, also known as Jung sisters, are featured on the glossy covers of NYLON magazine. It is needless to say that Jessica is a member of the Girls’ Generation and Krystal belongs to the music group f(x).

Apart from their musical success, Jung sisters have also generated a lot of interest with their reality show OnStyle going on in full swing. No doubt the Jung sisters are exceptionally beautiful with their petite figures and attractive facial features. Also they have amazing sense of style and fashion. They have been featured in various fashion magazines sporting designer collections. Most of the time, these lovely sisters pose together, but they have totally different fashion sense.

Here are some gorgeous pictures of Jung sisters displaying their distinctly different styles.

Jessica and Krystal on Cover Page of Nylon

You may notice that Jessica is an epitome of femininity. However, Krystal exhibits devil may care attitude or rebel attitude. When it comes to fashion she may not worry about what others think. She expresses who she really is through her chic and edgy fashion. She also looks a bit mysterious and reveals her sex appeal in a sublet way. She exudes extreme charisma that may draw people towards her, whereas Jessica is more casual and classic in style.

Her down to earth charm makes her attractive to opposite sex. She carries soft colors and earth tones very well. Jung sisters have excellent sense of beauty, fashion and style.

Jung Sisters in Casual Outfits

Jung sisters look chic in skinny jeans, crisp white shirts and Jimmy Choo shoes. Jessica in short V-necked white blouse and Krystal in loose fit flowing blouse look amazingly stylish.

Krystal in trendy and casual blue blouse and textured pants, while Jessica in cute crop top and tight leather pants

Street Style in London

Sassy yet sophisticated Krystal in the ‘Moulin’ Printed Inset Dress designed by the New York lifestyle designer Rebecca Minkoff. Sleeveless dress in leopard print highlights her slim figure. Natural hairstyle and rainy weather complements the look.

Street Style with Rebel Attitude

One more picture of Krystal in tight fit white jeans and full sleeves denim shirt. Black high heeled boots, silver rings and thin black belt gives her a killer look. Natural hair style adds to the attitude.

All set for Spring Summer

Geared up to welcome spring and summer in colorful dresses with geometric designs. Sleeveless dresses with black belt and blue hemline creates beautiful contrast. Colorful geometric prints give a zingy look.

Dreamy Look in Romantic Spring

Jessica in oversized sweatshirt designed by Julien David. Texture, design and colors of the fabric make this simple dress extremely appealing. Cup chain necklace from Rodarte Swarovski Elements adds to the elegance and highlights that dreamy yet helpless look.

As you must have noticed, both the sisters ooze great sense of style. They look impeccable in simple casual dresses. Their natural beauty and graceful manner make any outfit look stunning.

Asian street style fashion, influenced by various cultures and regional and global trends, is spontaneous and charming. Preeti likes to observe this vast arena of glamor, style and beauty. She is also recently introduced to the Kpop, Jpop, anime and Asian drama. She is fascinated by the versatility of the Asian pop culture.