Car insurance in India is mandatory because there is a motor insurance policy, which should be followed by every Indian who owns a car. A motor insurance means insuring a financial risk, which can be involved while operating a car. When a car is bought and drove on the roads, there are high chances that it can face accidents or damages. It may also happen that it can create damage to others. Car insurance is needed because, in these kinds of situations, the loss faced by the owner of the car is compensated by the insurance company if it is covered under its policy.

At present, online car insurances are also available widely. One has to check various company websites, which claim to give the best deals in car insurance policies in India.

The major types of Car insurance

The Third Party Liability Coverage:

It is an insurance policy, which only covers the loss faced by a third party. There is no coverage for the damage happened to the owner. It is only about the damage happened to the third part caused by the owner’s car. In India, this kind of policy is always needed as the streets are narrow and population is high. It is also mandatory in this country because of the mayhem traffic system.

Comprehensive Insurance Plan:

The best car insurance in India will always refer to the plans that include the interest of the owner of the car. Here comes the Comprehensive Insurance Plan. This is a perfect car insurance plan, which looks after the damage faced by the owner of the car along with the Third Party, if there is any. This is because a car can face damage or an accident due to other’s fault. It can also face damage from natural calamities like earth quakes, heavy rains or storms. There are even some other damages that can be caused by theft or burglary. All these damages are covered by the insurance policy under the Comprehensive Insurance Plan.

When one is thinking about buying a car insurance policy, they must check the features and the offers and benefits provided by the insurer company. There are too many insurance companies and one needs to compare them before buying a plan. This is because car Insurance is an important thing and one cannot neglect it. There is no point in facing loss when one can get the best out of a policy.