A new ATV can be a lot of fun for teens. However, it can be stressful for their parents. If you are worried about your teens’ safety, there are some things that you can do to keep them safe when they’re on their new ATV.

Teach Them How to Drive It

If your teen has never been on an ATV before, they probably won’t know how to drive it. This is why you need to teach them how to drive it. This is the perfect time for them to ask you questions and to go over safety issues that they need to be aware of. You need to show them things like how to use the gas, brake, and where to place their hands on the steering wheel.

Get Them the Right Accessories

In order for you to keep your teen safe when they’re on their new ATV, they need to have the right ATV accessories. They should have on a helmet and eye protection. It’s also a good idea for them to wear long-sleeved pants and shirts to protect their skin as well as closed-toed shoes like sneakers or boots. There are also safety accessories that can be added to the ATV itself.

Take Them to a Safe Place to Ride It

You won’t be able to keep your teen safe on their new ATV if they start by riding on terrain that’s difficult for them to maneuver. This is why you need to make sure that they have access to a safe place to ride. This area shouldn’t have a lot of curves or uneven terrain that they need to drive over. As they get more experience on their ATV, you can allow them to drive on terrain that’s a little bit more challenging.

Have Them Take a Training Course

In addition to personally showing them how to use their new vehicle, you should also have them take a training course. While there are a lot of training courses that your teen can take that will teach them how to operate their ATV, you need to make sure that you choose one that focuses on safety. For example, it should also cover what to do if an emergency situation occurs.

Set Rules for Them

Warm weather provides a great opportunity for many outdoor activities, such as riding an ATV through the countryside. While this may seem exciting, many first-time riders don’t know what they are doing when they get behind the wheel of an ATV. That is why it helps to set rules for your kids so they can stay safe while they get used to their new vehicle.

Do Not Ride Alone

The first time on an ATV can be challenging. Your teen may not know what to do if the ATV breaks down, if they get into an accident, or if they get the ATV stuck somewhere. That is why it is best to make sure they always ride with a friend or family member, preferably someone that is experienced with ATVs, the first few times they take one out. Don’t let your teen go out alone with other new riders until you know that they are prepared for what to do if something does go wrong. Make sure they know who they can call for assistance and how to identify their location.

Having another person on the trails with them can provide you some peace of mind knowing that things will be alright in a worst-case scenario. On top of that, riding with friends will make the experience more fun.

Stay on the Paths

Your teen is not going to be familiar with how to handle an ATV until they have some experience under their belt. Until then, make sure they stick to the main paths during their rides. That is because the biggest threats that you can run into are the problems that arise from going off the main path. The ground on the main path is going to be packed down, which gives more traction for driving with an ATV. Go off-road and a path that looks clear might end up causing them to get the ATV stuck.

Know the Local Laws

There are laws that all riders must follow when riding an ATV. Make sure your teen understands what rules they must follow, especially when it comes to where they can ride. For instance, many states have restrictions on what kind of roads you can take an ATV on. You may be surprised that you can’t take an ATV down a path where there could be cars traveling too fast. Also, be aware of any helmet laws that they must follow. While many states do not have helmet laws, it may be a requirement for the driver and any passengers on the ATV.

With these tips in mind, your teen will have more successful initial rides when using their new ATV. 

If you are thinking about purchasing your teen an ATV, you may be apprehensive because you just aren’t sure whether or not they can handle this responsibility. However, you should know that many teens are able to safely drive and handle an ATV if their parents take the time to make sure that they are adequately prepared beforehand. If you’re interested in getting an ATV for your teen but don’t yet have one, go online to find ATVs for sale in your area.