Do you know why most of the industries prefer to use hot melt glue? You must also have used a hot melt glue gun for your DIY project at home! These are now extremely popular nowadays because of their ease in use and ability to glue cloth because of which many people are now using glue instead of stitching cloth for making curtains or cushion covers! Well, hot melt glue is a type of adhesive which is made up of base materials like EVA copolymers, Polyamides, TPU, etc. However, adhesives are of many types like hot melt glues, animal glue, acrylics, etc. Each of them has its own set of advantages because of which each one finds its application in a different industry. Of these, here the top 4 advantages of using hot melt glues are discussed in brief.

  • Economical

    These adhesives come with a comparatively low price tag and are also touted as the cheapest one in the market. This obviously helps to increase the quantity of production of the same without spending a fortune!

  • Water resistant

    The resistance to water helps these adhesives to find application for a large variety of purposes where water soluble adhesives fail miserably or where it is needed that adhesive just not washed out. Apparently, nothing is best for packaging goods other than these glues, especially when these packaged goods are ready for shipping.

  • Quick dry

    These dry completely within a matter of few seconds to one minute which is incredible in itself! As you no longer have to wait endlessly for two surfaces to get glued to each other ever.

  • No environmental hazard –

    There are some adhesives that need to dispose safely owing to their potential hazard to the environment after disposal in open but such a scenario is not with these hot melt adhesives.

Applications of hot melt glues

Of the many applications of these adhesives, the most prominent applications are including but not limited to the following ones.

  • Display and packaging
  • Floristry
  • Automobile Industry
  • Furniture Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Labeling

Do you know that even manufacture of disposable diapers is made with hot melt glues! To assemble many types of toy parts too, these are used extensively. If you are living in USA, you can easily find these adhesives at a low rate as there are now plenty of manufacturers who are suppliers too! Even you demand for a modification in the existing formulation of these adhesives, you can tell them and they can make custom made glue for you to sit your need as they have a team of chemists who have years of experiencing in creating new formulations. Also, the best part is that these manufacturers are always equipped to deliver you the needed adhesive in any desired quantity i.e. in tankers or drums too as per your specific need.