Gutters are not given more thought and attention while building or renovating a home. The only time people pay heed to the gutters is when these things start leaking. But if you stop treating your guttering systems as an afterthought, you may save a lot of repair costs. The motto is to build right in order to save more. Imagine having a guttering system that will last for years without any needs of repairs. So, with this motto in mind, I set out to research every seller offering guttering supplies and asked them to offer advice on how to have a durable and long-lasting guttering system. Most of the guttering experts had advice that converged at one single point – uses colorbond guttering supplies while building your drainage system. Colorbond has been used in roofing as well as fencing. Now it is a time that guttering systems are made of colorbond material as well.

Colorbond steel is a steel that is coated with Activate technology that has been globally patented by a metallic coating industry named BlueScope. This coating helps the steel in having a high level of anti-corrosion properties. Also, there is a polyester primer baked on the surface and underneath it is a thin pre-treatment layer that enhances adhesion. All these processes form colorbond steel sheets that have high tensile strength and durability. All the guttering and roofing experts recommended that I get colorbond guttering supplies for my next drainage project. When asked about the reason, they gave me several points that are impossible to ignore. I pass on all that information to you through this blog.

Here is Why You Should Never Start a Drainage Project Without Colorbond Guttering Supplies:

  • Water Collection: The pipes made from colorbond guttering supplies are capable of collecting more rainwater. The surface of this material is smooth and waterproof. This makes the water to flow easily towards the directed path. As colorbond is a corrugated metal with bonded paint finish, moisture is completely sealed off from it and that offers negligible levels of absorbency. There is no chance of pooling of water in damaged areas or improperly installed ridges. This material keeps the water from staying stagnant at a place and damaging the roofing.
  • Environment-Friendly: Colorbond steel is 100% recyclable. So, you would be doing nature a favour by using colorbond steel material for constructing your drainage system. It can be easily recycled and reused and that can also save you a lot of cost of material while renovating your roofing and drainage. Also, as it is light in weight, it is easy to transport, thereby saving a lot of natural resources during its transportation as well.
  • Thermal Insulation: In summer as well as winter, colorbond steel offers excellent insulative qualities to our drainage and roofing. It is a thermally efficient material and thus, you do not have to worry about your pipes getting damaged due to continuous exposure to heat and sunlight. With this, the pipes last longer without any repair needs.
  • Negligible Maintenance Needs: The colorbond building material is extremely sturdy as well as lightweight. Virtually zero maintenance is required in the case of a drainage system built with colorbond guttering supplies. The paint is strongly bonded to the material and thus, it never peels off the surface. So, you do not even need to repaint the pipes. Above all, this material is flexible and lightweight along with being highly durable. So, it never cracks. No cracks mean no leaks in the system.

All these benefits of colorbond guttering supplies come along with the benefit of aesthetic appeal. Colorbond material is available in all colors and shades and thus, you can pick the color that blends in with your home exteriors and roofing.