There are lots of reasons to seek out a storage company. Whether you’re moving house, a student keeping their possessions secure while they go home for summer or study abroad, or a homeowner relieving the pressure on moving day, self-storage offers a solution. Other people build it into their lifestyle, rather than using it as a stopgap solution – some use their storage unit as a workshop, others as a way to house a collection without filling their house beyond comfortable capacity! And if you’re running your own business, a storage unit is a useful option as a starter warehouse for your inventory.

You can click through to find out more about self-storage options, but today we’re taking a look at how you can learn to use storage well, and get the most out of what you’re paying for.

Picking a Location

One of the most important things to think about when you’re choosing a storage is the location. The reason you’re using storage will dictate where you need it to be: if it’s for long term storage you don’t need to access or you’re only using it in the short term the location is less an issue, and you’re free to search further afield in search of a better deal.

If you’re accessing it regularly, whether that’s tend to the action figure collection you’ve moved out of the house, or to pick items from your inventory to send out to customers, you need it to be convenient to get to. That could mean close to your house, it could mean on a local bus or train route or near a main road, whichever fits your routine and allows you to do what you need at the minimum cost of money and time.

Getting a Deal

Storage is a competitive business, which means there are often deals and discounts available! Never commit to a contract without shopping a round, comparing quotes, and seeing if your preferred option can beat the price of a cheaper competitor.

The prices published on the storage company’s website are only the beginning of the story and when you begin to look deeper into it, you should find plenty of haggling is possible.

Packing Effectively

If you’re going to get the most out of your storage unit you need to learn how to pack it efficiently. Start with bulky items at the back, and fit smaller items around them, working forwards until the smallest, lightest items are at the front. Make sure you’re using vertical space effectively, stacking where it’s stable and adding hooks to hang awkwardly shaped items on the walls.

If you can, ensure you leave an aisle to the back to help you access things quickly.