Just after the launch of LG G3, name of LG become more solid in the smartphone market. Because the phone carries really good design and specs that surprised the whole world.

Before the presentation of the smartphone have been leaked in which the metal material as it is confirmed, it is refuted. After the official announcement clarity could not be achieved even by representatives of the company. In reality, this is the case: the cover has a plastic base, it is flexible but firm, and the top has a metallized layer with a typical grinding. Cover, this is very practical and pleasant in hands, in the colors “black metal” looks just like metal. Easily removed, sits securely. Under it we find the battery compartment, slots for microSD and micro-SIM, contacts covers and cases.

To sum up: with LG G3 can be handled with one hand, it is perfectly assembled with quality material that will not disappoint.


LG G3 is the one of the first smartphone with a screen 2K (2560 x 1440 pixels). A lot of controversy has been and is about the usefulness of such a high-resolution panels phones. I think it’s over just as it was during the mass conversion from HD to Full HD – technology will prevail and 2K will become a mass phenomenon, the standard for the flagships. Many certainly concerned about the issue about whether there is a difference with Full HD or not. We have an answer, honestly – it doesn’t come in the notice but it is not always possible (compared with G2 1080p-screen).

Increased clarity (at G3 density beyond 538 ppi) can be estimated from fonts and adapted for 2K. For example, in Asphalt 8 “steps” on machines much less pronounced than in G2 with Full HD, and Dead Trigger 2 weapons clearer. However, a lot of software is not yet optimized for 2K, whereby the wow effect you may miss, but something even upset “haze” and excessive Scarping, especially noticeable in black letters on a white background.

By itself, the panel in LG G3, made by technology IPS, provides pleasant colors, sufficient brightness (on the street under the direct rays can work), it has good viewing angles (there is no such a strong color inversion, as in G2) and fast response. Incidentally, the LG clarifies that G3 screen diagonal is 5.46″, but for convenience simply rounded up to 5.5″.


Now LG G3 is based on Android 4.4.2 KitKat. It’s above layer was very simple – something you can disable or delete without root, well, everything went with Ruth at all, like clockwork.

In G3 uses recycled shell Optimus. In comparison to G2 interface is a flat, air and light. Not a complete redesign, of course, but as fresh and relevant topic with fashion trends – completely. Would be a shame if such a launcher G2 does not get it.

LG G3 performs really well and if LG engineers would manage to get something special in upcoming generations then LG G5 would be real beast.