The market of smartphone is moving really fast with the new and new launches. Moreover, in near future we might hear the official words from LG regarding the release date of LG G4, this would be the advanced version in LG G series, and this will create heavy competition among other leading device in the market. This LG G4 will contain unique specification and features, it may receive top most place in the market. The previous version of LG G4 is LG 3, this novel version would contain all features of its previous version and it also would have some extra special features. You can expect something special in the LG G4. The specialty of LG G4 is water proof of design.


Price And Release Date Release Date

It would have the affordable price range of $900 in the state of USA. This price tag will impress all people in contemporary world. In additionally the company may give extra bonus and discount code to their customers also. The release date of this LG G4 is in the year of 2015 and in the month of May, this is not sure, just approximately only. You have to keep your patience up to this launching date of the newest version.


When you talk about the specification of LG G4 it has a variety of display specifications, the LG G4 would have 5.7 inches of screen display and it would deliver True HD of –IPS and +LCD display. You can expect from the LG G4 would have high and standard display. This will come with Gorilla Glass, this is for screen protection, and also it would have 4600+ ppi. In the specification of LG G4 next you can see Operating System and processor, the LG G4 would have Qualcomm snapdragon of 801/802/805/808 chip, this is the part of this new version of LG G4. It also would have Octo Core of processor along with high speed range is 3 GHz, this is the big upgrade. The operating system of LG G4 is Android 5.0 of Lollipop and Optimus UI. The range of display screen in LG G4 is 3840 x 2160 of pixels and it also would have 810/808 CPU specification. The LG G4 would have a RAM memory capacity of 3/4 GB, and it would have the internal storage memory is 32/64 GB along with microSD.


The features of LG G4 will include camera, memory and Battery, in which the camera always classified into two types that are primary camera and secondary camera. The primary camera in LG G4 would have 15 to 17 MP and it would have major features of LED and autofocus. The secondary camera would have 3 to 4 MP; this will attract many smartphone users. You can use video chat and more option from this LG G4. The memory capacity of LG G4 is 64GB and 32GB, the user will obtain power to enlarge further 128 GB by help of the microSD card. The LG G4 would contain an advanced battery that range is 3,500mAh. You may expect the next advanced version of LG G4 i.e. LG G5 later this year.