Without making difficult positions or exposed to great lengths just to listen to your body and following your address, you can achieve good results. Lose weight without lifting a finger. When talking about yoga is immediately associated with physical exercise. But that is a mistake, because there are many types of yoga. Although physical yoga is the most widespread in the West, there are many possibilities that can help you in whatever you need; even yoga nutrition, without doubt, will help you lose weight.

You do not even have to be a practitioner to make small changes in your life and the way of eating expert. Therefore, read these tips to help you with that you want to accomplish and that are giving you work:

Breathing Exercise. When you wake up is essential to make a simple breathing exercise. Sit on the bed with your legs slightly apart and takes a breath, then breathe out and think on that throw everything breathe is not good for your body or your life: negative emotions, wrong thoughts, excess toxins that both make you hurt. Wait a bit with empty lungs, and watch your body takes the air it needs, sweetly. Breathing is not forced; it is a mechanism that happens if you let your body act. Repeat this several times and you’ll notice that you start the day with less anxiety, less destructive thoughts and have more energy. Probably, when you sit down to breakfast will take only what you need and not eat more. This exercise can do this several times a day and so will be quieter and more aware of what you take you to the mouth.

The body purifies the food and not the food to the body. It is important to understand that even though you eat a lettuce, if there is concern, anger or you drop as bad as if you ate whole res. It is essential that you be balanced and at peace before eating, because your body will respond in the best way and digestion will be more natural. Also, eating more consciously surely will make sure to get only the necessary food, without excess.

Welcome natural foods, seeds and vegetables. That’s not to say that occasionally ingest other foods. Listen to your body is a perfect machine that has much more wisdom than you imagine. Eat when you’re hungry and not when the watch brand. Avoid refined flours, sugars and, if possible, milk. You will see that in a month you feel much lighter and continue with this practice.

Reflect on what you eat. If it causes a lot of effort to stop those foods that hurt you and you want to keep your body healthy, which is much more important than achieving an ideal aesthetic, think about what you eat and that this will become part of your body.

Finally, there are no magic bullets, there will and effort. Each body has its time and it is important to listen. I invite you to apply gradually these simple steps and see the results. Losing weight will not happen overnight, but gradually, you go changing harmful habits and incorporate more wellness into your life.