Gone are the days when you had to face hundreds of other people waiting for a taxi or had to call a taxi company hours in advance for you to get a cab. In the recent past, the Rideshareapps have revolutionized how we get from point A to point B particularly within the cities and its environs.

Ridesharing has been around for a while, however the advent smartphones and the ridesharing apps have taken the industry to a whole new other level with the market growing across various city worldwide. In this article, I will compare and contrast the two largest ride sharing companies – Lyft and Uber –to establish which RideShare Company you should settle for.

Lyft vs. Uber: Why You Should Select This RideShare Company

Services: The kind of rides offered by Uber and Lyft

The two companies offer various types of rides with each offering a specialized type of service and different charges. Uber has more ride options starting with the UberX, which is the standard Uber service where you get a standard, private car to take you from one point to another. Then with the UberXL, you get a larger car such as a SUV or minivan with at least 6 seats, perfect for a family or a group.

The third option is UberSELECT, which is more of a luxury version of UberX. You get to luxury cars such as Audi, Mercedes, or BMW at a higher cost. The UberBLACK, takes UberSELECT a notch higher, which is the most luxurious and most expensive offering where users get to ride on a black SUV or limo. Finally, the UberPOOL option allows users to share a ride with others going the same direction making it cheaper, for the slight inconvenience of getting to your destination a little late.

On the other hand, the Lyft’s service options are more limited. Its standard service is called Lyft where you get a standard, car to take you from one point to another. Lyft Plus offers a similar service to UberXL where you get a larger car. An important aspect to note is that the Lyft service is more affordable in this category. The last but not least option is the Lyft Line that allows you to share a ride with other riders heading the same direction, saving on cost. The service is available in specific cities.


Lyft and Uber are involved in incredible price wars with each trying lure customers away from the other by offering more friendly prices. As such, the two companies offer quite similar charges, though they vary in some cities. The major difference comes to prices during the peak hours or when there is high demand for transport. Uber increases its price by at least 700% while Lyft increases its prices by at least 200%.

App Usability

The two apps function more or less the same and are user friendly. Uber gives customers fare estimates while Lyft does not. On the other hand, drivers prefer the Lyft app because it does offer a facility to tip the drivers while Uber does not.


The debate really comes down to which is the best ridesharing option you? With the two companies having great similarities in terms of pricing, it is hard to choose one from the other. However, the prices vary from city to city thus it is important to check the prices first before you choose. With Uber offering more service options, it can be a perfect choice for the individual willing to spend more for more luxury, while Lyft is perfect for an individual who would to cut cost especially during peak hours.