Providing an excellent service or product is no longer all that is needed for business growth. A company needs to project itself and distinguish itself from its competitors. A well-designed, high-quality company brochure can be an excellent marketing and sales tool. There are pitfalls, though, and these need to be avoided. Greenfield can help.

Delivering a consistently excellent service or product is, of course, key to your company’s growth and profitability. But in today’s highly competitive and image-driven commercial environment, it isn’t enough: you need to give your organisation an edge over the other players in your business space. Your company brochure is often the first interface between your enterprise and potential customers, and it accordingly needs to project the right message about your professionalism, the quality of your work and your overall corporate personality. It needs to distinguish you from and elevate you above the competition. In this short piece, we set out the essential features of the brochure that will help you win new clients and grow your business.


When you first talk to the firm tasked with producing your brochure, you will need to have a clear idea of what its headline message will be. This motif must be clear, arresting and “hit clients where they live” right from page one. It must also be pursued consistently through the entire publication to really drive home your central message.


Your brochure should set out your basic company information, including contact and location details. This means that, having piqued their interest, they can contact you immediately – without the distraction of looking for help from Google. These details, of course, must be accurate, and an eagle-eyed proof reader will prove to be an asset: there are few things quite as frustrating to a customer than being furnished with the wrong telephone or fax number. On a related point, regulated businesses need to ensure that they include any statutory language. For example, most financial organisations in the UK will need to make mention of being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


Clients are busy and have limited time to absorb the contents of your brochure. Accordingly, when you are detailing your company’s areas of expertise, for instance, or its product range, it’s essential to use grammatically accurate but plain and readily comprehensible English. Too technical or florid language not only requires more time and effort to read, but it detracts horribly from the message you are trying to convey.


Few businesses have unlimited budgets for their brochures, but they should liaise closely with the firm providing print and packaging services to ensure that the highest possible production values are observed. The brochure represents you in your absence, and it needs to look the part.

Greenfield Creations uses the best-quality materials available, and our layouts and typesetting are unrivalled in their professionalism. Why not contact us today for an innovative and cost-effective solution to your brochure requirements?