Most of the pultruded cooling towers are not in operation mode or idle throughout the winters, and people most of the times drain them to prevent freezing.

These long shutdowns attract deposits that later promote growth of bacteria. When starting up the cooling tower for operation, users need to follow certain steps to ensure best practices for preventing growth of Legionella.

They also have seasonal preventative maintenance requirements for mechanical components like controls and fans.

By following the best practices, manufacturers can avail more business in the market. Some of the tips are as under-

  • Cleaning of the cooling tower

It is a great idea to inspect all wet areas of the cooling tower. This will include the water basin, fill materials, water sumps, wet decks, spray nozzles, etc. Physical cleaning may be performed by site maintenance staff or contracted out to an expert company. It is always better to keep written records of all the tasks performed by qualified experts.

  • Fill the system

Fill the cooling water system and start pumps that circulate water throughout the system. Make sure circulating should be done through all piping and heat exchangers in the system. Place the filtration units online. Check the spray nozzles and wet docks again and if any debris left or deposited after initiating circulation, remove it. Repeat this step as necessary.

  • Water quality

It is the responsibility of the manufacturers to consult the water treatment specialist to ensure the cooling water treatment program is properly applied or not. There are certain water treatment control equipment like automated pumps, sensors, meters, and valves that have to be inspected, calibrated and functional.

Proper sanitization of the cooling tower should be performed using an oxidizing biocide in combination of bio-dispersant. The process should be followed with or by use of sanitization kit. Completion of this process should be documented like other processes in your log books or water management plan.

  • Start operation

Manufacturers can place the cooling tower on normal mode after conducting various critical processes. It is the duty to check that systems having multiple cooling towers, heat exchangers or chillers should be rotated frequently.

You can also get more useful tips from reliable pultruded cooling towers manufacturers in your town. There are many exporters who share proper guidelines with their customers so that they can perform best practices and keep the risk of cooling tower failure at bay.

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